Just in: Giddes Chalamanda arrives back home

Chalamanda Giddes

They say East West Home is best, and for 86 year old acoustic musician Giddes Chalamanda its just a fulfillment of that as he is back home from the United States of America where he lived his dream of a lifetime.

Chalamanda Giddes
Chalamanda back home.

Chalamanda has just arrived in Malawi through the Chileka Internationa Airport.

In USA, he together with Edgard ndi Davis hosted several gigs in the USA on this tour.

He also conducted workshops on Malawi’s performance dubbed ‘Malawi Nights’ and interact with Malawians living in the US.

In the song Buffalo Soldier, the Chiradzulu based Chalamanda fantasied about the US saying it was his dream to step on the soil on the world’s super power.





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