Catholic Bishops call for action to avert hunger crisis


Roman Catholic Bishops in Malawi have urged government to adopt new ways of implementing food security policies in order to avert the hunger crisis in the country.

The development comes at a time when half of the country’s population is food insecure due to El-Nino effects that paralyzed food production for the 2015/16 agricultural season.

Malawi Catholic Bishops

Malawi Catholic Bishops want sound policies that can avert hunger.

Reacting on the hunger red-light, Catholic bishops says there is need for a change in policy implementation.

In a statement, the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) says there is need for joint efforts to ensure no one dies of hunger in Malawi.

“Policies and strategic plans without action are nothing, we feel as a nation we need a complete paradigm shift in the way we do things, no more business as usual on food security issues, food security translates into the very sanctify of life.

“Drawing lessons from the development arm of the church, CADECOM, any strategy to avert the food insecurity crisis should be integral and people centred, we believe this is a fertile ground for medium and long recovery strategies,” reads part of the statement made available to Malawi24.

The bishops have since commended President Peter Mutharika for declaring Malawi a state of disaster following reports of food insecurity. They also called on well-wishers to help millions of Malawians who are expected to face hunger this year.

While keeping in mind the sustainable and innovative ways of making sure the country does not fall back into the same trap year in and out, the bishops called for agricultural reforms that can take irrigation as priority.

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