Nyondo joins Bloemfontein Celtic as Mzava make Golden Arrows switch


Former Silver Strikers forward Atusaye Nyondo has joined Bloemfontein Celtic from University of Pretoria, Malawi24 can confirm.

The 25 year-old Malawi international, who also had a stint at SuperSport United, had a year remaining on his deal at University of Pretoria but opted to sign for Celtic following AmaTuks’ relegation back to South Africa’s second tier.

Has joined

Has joined Celtic.

However, if he is to break into Celtic’s first team, he must surely up his game following his disastrous season with University of Pretoria where he only managed to score two goals from 22 league appearances.

Nyondo will be looking forward to fulfill all of his promise having been given the chance to remain in the top flight.

Another Malawian player to have made a move in the ongoing international transfer market is Flames Captain Limbikani Mzava who has joined Golden Arrows from Mpumalanga Black Aces.

The 23 year-old defender was highly linked with a move to Orlando Pirates but opted to sign for Arrows after falling out of favour with new Aces owner John Comitis. Mzava joins his former boss Clinton Larsen who coached him at Celtic before joining Aces.



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