Mzuni, students union compromise on fees hike


Mzuzu University council has reached a consensus with the students Union on fees hike following strong opposition from the learners on the college’s proposal for new fees structure.

The council wanted to raise tuition fee for undergraduate students from K250,000 to K300,000 citing high inflation and pressure on cost of living to sustain activities at the college. The issue was raised during a general assembly that was held at the college late last week, where members of the council were in attendance.

Failure to reach a common understanding on new fees structures forced the University council and students union to be rocked in a closed door meeting on Monday, where a compromise was reached. The outcome which favoured both parties saw them settling for K280,000 against the proposed K300, 000.

Ridley: defended the hike

According to sources from Mzuni, the new fees structure will be effective from September as it has to go through the Parliament for review. This means that students who have just been selected at the University will be affected by the hike.

Vice Chancellor for Mzuni, Dr Robert Ridley was quoted by the local media as supporting the move to have the tuition fee raised. He argued in favour of the hike due to the rise in cost of living which has been hindering academic activities.

This comes amidst the country’s economic hardships that forced many students to withdraw from public universities on financial grounds. Government’s cessation in sponsoring some university students is claimed to have deprived the less privileged of their right to tertiary education.

In 2014 the country’s major university, the University of Malawi, raised fees by 400 percent. Meanwhile, a proposed fee hike is awaiting government’s approval.