Flames embarrass critics


After losing 3-nil to Zimbabwe in the 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifier a week ago, the Flames of Malawi proceeded to Namibia for the Cosafa Castle Senior Challenge Cup where they have managed to turn things around.

The Flames have embarrassed critics.

Before the players departed for Windhoek, some section of Malawians branded them ‘losers’ by concluding that Malawi will do nothing at the tournament.

That stinging attack came after the Flames’ poor run of form in the qualifiers which saw them losing thrice and drawing twice to exit the competition without recording any victory.

But with back to back victories over Angola and Mauritius, the Flames might restore the lost pride if they beat Lesotho on Thursday and progress to the quarter finals of the cup.

Lots of things were said in the social media and the local media just after the demolition in Zimbabwe but Malawi’s performance at the ongoing tourney has embarrassed their critics.

Others might say Malawi should have performed wonders in the Afcon as well but truth be told, we are miles away from competing at such highest level before putting our house in order.

Beating Lesotho on Thursday will surely be an icing on the cake for Malawians who have been let down by the team for the past months.

We have never won the cup but this looks like our year to shine. Every team at the tourney is beatable and if Flames continue playing with such character, doubters will be put to shame.



  1. Malawi24 that’s a blue liar,will you tell winning with Angola and Maurit…has turned around our position on FIFA ranking.

  2. Maliro ndi maliro, yamwana kaya niya wamkulu onse timati kuli maliro. Kaya Angola idayika wana zawozo ife tidadyabe dziko la Angola. Kodi pankhondo yolimbana ndi dziko lina ungayike asilikali opanda experience? Uku nkudelerana! Congratulations 2 the flames! We would be undermined so much in the whole world had we lost.
    I see a lot of comments when Malawi loses but look now only few comments! Are u Malawians happy when ur team loses? CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN WHERE IT’S DUE!

  3. cumon dont be dumb, this is a different ball game all togather, all the teams participating in this year’s cosafa brought under 20s and 23s, its only us and Lesotho.A normal person can agree with me that if we really need to have a good team in near future, we were suppose to bring under 20s like others,so that the boys can get exposure and maybe spotted by scouts, tell me.. which team can be interested In signing joseph kamwendo? like really?? this is the only opportunity to sell your young stars to foreign clubs. Tell me which top club can buy chiukepo. noone is interested because they have their cvs already. and we all know that they failed in south africa. the biggest problem with our football administration is that we see things in a different way, everyone else is using this opportunity as trade fair where youngsters will showcase their talents, it’s only us chasing for a useless trophy.Really?this is not about who will win the cup but how many players will be exported to major leagues like psl even beyond.if you dont sell your young stars now believe me malawi will never have a good team in future.i f u don’t sell them now where else are u going to sell them?and if am not wrong this same team was there last 2 seasons .if they were not successful in the last seasons why are you taking them there now? to do what?only a stupid parent can be proud of a child doing well in a class that he/she is been repeating for the past 5years. i strongly believe malawi football management needs to change hands.#walter_and_his_friends_must_fall

  4. Flames z n gud form so they run away wth the cup not the plate ,the future of being the champions wl see tomorrow f they manage to celebrate a victory ova lesotho

  5. Linda madzi apite uziti tadala Flames got along way to go in this tournament ; just two wins we already celebrating ; Not even in the Finals

  6. Its not over until its over, let them reach the finals even winning the trophy, thats when we will be saying the Flames have indeed turn things around..

  7. Aaa game yazimbabwe ija ndoyomwe tikanatchuka nayo osati tianati ,flames unandiliza iwe sinzkukhulupililanso ataaaä

  8. Iwe mbuzi eti… ma team osatha aja,, kamwendo anangooneka dolo mu game ya under 20 ija,, yadzulo nde anali manyaka eni eni,,, tikanena za aja a wanderers nde ma zimakanika kumenya cross yooneka,,,,, chiukepo amakanika ndi kuchinya kmwe ngakhale anali ndi ma chances,,,, amene awonetsa kti ndima complete players anali anthu atatu okha,,,, Harry Nyirenda, Gaba,,,, ndipo super sport imachita kumutchula katatu katatu,,,,,, tikanena za Miracle Gabeya nde amachita kunena kti ndi mkatondo pa nkhani yotchinga kumbuyo,,,,, ndipo ma player sakugwrizana miyendo,,,,,, ngti mumautsata mpira mundivomeleza,,,,,,,, nde mukanena zopusa zanuzo muziona

  9. Good going! No more to talk coz they say linda madzi apite ndipo uziti ndadala. Work on Lestho with confidence and as a team as u hav been in these two matches. Thumbs up!

  10. sorry, until u win a trophy the country will always regard u as a joke. and a failure .. bloody team can’t even win Cecafa nor Cosafa, AFCON n WORLD CUP nde eh osanena

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