Malawians mourn Izeki


Malawians across the country continue to mourn the death of comedian John Nyanga who was popularly known as Izeki.

Nyanga died on Sunday at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) after a long illness.

Commenting on Malawi24’s post, Malawians have described Nyanga’s death as a huge loss to the country.

Izeki being mourned.

“He was one of the great sons of Malawi, he educated a lot through his plays, we will miss him,” wrote Divason Mtalika.

While Joel Mfune wrote: “He left a mark with us, he took the country on the map, we will really miss him for his works.”

Dan Chihana wrote “Malawi has lost a talented man!! May his soul rest in peace.”

One of the renowned comedians Michael Usi said Nyanga understood the art of comedy better as he was coming up with good concepts of comedies to entertain Malawians.

Nyanga will be laid to rest on Tuesday in the commercial city of Blantyre.

The comedian who rose to fame performing with Kwathu Drama Group and as part of the ‘Izeki ndi Jacobo’ duo, was also a pastor at Synagogue of Hope Church.

Born on May 13, 1963, Nyanga is survived by a wife and three Children.



  1. We actually feeling sad as we know this person he was best ever comedian in our country, but now he is gone for good “anyway nothing more we can say because since from our parents ADAM & EVE started to go to graveyard.
    Lastly, our tears will still droping in JESUS name…….

  2. My condolences I loved his acting skill with Jacob.Every I watch him in my YouTube in Finland.I so sad as young as he is now Jacob is going to stop.

  3. I wish to appeal to govt to provide some honor to such outstanding talented comedians like Izeki. He meant a lot to Malawi nation. May his soul rest in peace

  4. “maloto ni okoma, ungazilota za mkazi wina mkazi wako kosaziwa”… we Zambians will miss u… RIP Izeki

  5. “maloto ni okoma, ungazilota za mkazi wina mkazi wako kosaziwa”… RIP Izeki


  7. we lost him indeed today tuesday his body will laid to rest @ HHI cemetery may his(John Nyanga populary known as “Izeki”) soul rest in peace”!!!

  8. Death is uncompromising…..” mwalimbananako kulimbana kwabwino mwayenda njirayo ndipo mwasunga chilungamo…..” R*I*P…John…

  9. Tamasulani ,tamasulani angatigulitse zophwanyika,you was the king,rest internal peace,a jakobo , tulo! tulo tulo chiyani izeki,iwill never for get.

  10. Achimwene Jacob tsono chipongwe cha banja nchimenechi,mkazi ine kungomkwatila makolo ake basi zonse angondisiila ngekha,chilichonse ndikumpangila ndekha,kodi amatelo??? we will really miss you John Nyanga, aaaah!! mmmmh! aluso akutha think of Grace Chinga very soon, people like Ester Jekete (Nankhoviwa)Du Chisiza (Wakhumbata) Cidrick Chipendo,(mbwiye)Christopher Chiwalo(GPMG)Jack Phiri , Charles Severe just to mention a few,Lets pray for their souls in order to contiue rest in peace

  11. Pulano iyi ndi yanga ndekha.ndawonjezera mumalawi wina yina
    Kodi beleka ndikulakwa? Tikufuna mbumba amalume anu anatero RIP Zex

  12. My condolences to the family and the nation at large. He was a very talented comedian, I used to enjoy his comedy… “@telala Kunjoya Kudyela Ndi Nchito” Pardon me if my chewa is broken. From Lusaka, Zambia

  13. Kapumeni Big kuzolemetsa za Dziko lapansi, ndipo Yehova alandire mzimu wanu. Izek till we meet on the day.!!!!

  14. R.I.P even here in zambia we have join you to mourn our beloved izeki kondi khubayo ndiyeyakutuma kuti wozatenge mwana rest in peace

  15. Very sad we will miss u en ur comedy in jesus name we pray ur soul must rest in peace amen.

  16. Ambuyeeeee Ambuyeeeee mwaroleranji kodi mtumiki wanuwwwwwu atichokele we shal alwyz mc u john tikulira ifeyo tikulira mzimu wako ukawuse mumtendele Oh God mukomzele maro ake maro oyera akakhale

  17. ukafuna kugwa uyambe wacka pa panjingao kenako ugwe bwino R I P

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