Malawi government goes angry!

Grace Chiumia

The Malawi Government through the ministry of sports and culture has sent a strong message to football administrators who abuse public resources.

Sports minister Grace Chiumia says government will not spare corrupt sports administrators in the country.

Chiumia made the remarks following revelations that money which was meant for Flames has been used up after the Malawi national team only played two games in the 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Grace Chiumia
Chiumia worried with funds use.

In her remarks, Chiumia said such acts are unwelcome due to the consequences they bring.

She urged people in the country to develop the heart of patriotism in everything more especially whenever they have a chance of running sports associations.

The minister said that sporting activities are important hence the need to put them at the forefront.

She however explained that sports associations such as FAM have to be at a forefront making sure that funds that are allocated to them are fairly used.

According to Chiumia, currently the ministry is waiting for the 2016/2017 budget and will find it difficult to disburse more funds before the next financial year begins.

“Currently l think the money we are expecting now is for 2016/2017 budget,” she said



  1. We are leaping what we sow. people re-elected Nyamilandu and his backup members to keep on draining funds being channeled to FAM. No changes since his re-elected and things have changed to the worse.

  2. Aaaaaaa zachamba izi kumangoononga ndalama pachabe,team palibe chanzeru chomwe ikuchita koma kumangoikhuthulirabe zindalama bwanji ndalama zimenezo kumakongoza achinyamata mmidzimu azipangira tima business

  3. Give them K1 allocation per association, additional funds only after independently audited accounts are filed with govt.This has to be a policy, no funds to ministries and departments without audited accounts then you will see lazybones at Capital Hill sweating.

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