‘I wasn’t sleeping,’ sleeping George denies napping through Mutharika’s address


Leader of the house in Malawi Parliament and likely successor to be of Malawi President, George Chaponda, has denied sleeping in Parliament although pictures of him sleeping are in the public domain.

George Chaponda.

not really sleeping – Sleeping and lying George’

In an interview with a local paper, Chaponda is quoted as saying that the photos of him sleeping in Parliament are photoshopped and a work of his political enemies.

Chaponda who has been rumoured to be Peter Mutharika’s favourite for a replacement as DPP leader has recently been appointed leader of the house by Mutharika.

In the house on Friday, cameras of Zodiak television captured Chaponda and other Parliamentarians hitting the pillow while Mutharika was busy impressing Malawians that he was in control of the country.

The video which was later captured into images has become a subject of heavy criticism and ridicule on the Internet.



  1. Zimatheka mu2 kukhala ngati ukugona koma chilichose chimene chikuchitika umakhala ukumva, even mu church amati titseke maso tipemphele ndengakhale iyeyo anatseka maso koma uthenga onse amamva,

  2. I dont see any reason to trouble him because he closed his eyes during the SONA. Everyone does close their eyes to rest themselves from heavy duty especially when comfortably sitting. He is even not lying that he was not sleeping… Or even Abraham himself lied to a king that sarah was his sister, think why? Let him say what he did not do. He was not sleeping, he closed his eyes period.

  3. It depends on ones’ understanding on the word sleeping. Is closing eyes sleeping? His ears were wide open. I can say he was not looking at the president during part of president speach.

  4. Kodi vuto lanu ndi chani? Wakuuzani kale kuti samagona koma you are still saying he was sleeping, why? The bigman was praying nde inu muona ngati amagona. He was talking to his god and samayenera kukuuzani kuti amatchatisa mulungu wake. Remember pray time is any time. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  5. Problem with malawians we do run away frm the truth and cling to lies……a camera does not lie as it reflects what is happening or what has happen…..that house is for honourable pippo who were sent to represent their constituencies and not to sleep……try to sleep popanga campaigh muone ngati mmalawi wa lero ati adzakuvotereni….learn to accept reality and you wont lose your credibility and dignity than sounding clever yet the truth about it is overboard……Ngakhale namalira amagona mtembo wa okondedwa wake uli pompo and anthu amamvetsa kuti amaenera kupumitsako bongo…#proudtobeamalawian#

  6. I don’t believe that this bigman , who calls himself bulldozzer could sleep when he was aware that Zikachitika M’vela Kwaife were around ! Mwina Akweni anganene dzowona !

  7. Anthu akamati amalawi ndi ogona,
    its because of people like you!
    Not good enough.
    I don’t know how the voters feel.
    Putting you on a hot seat instead of leaving you outside

  8. Nzako Peter anamvomereza atagwa muja kut old age nawe ingomvomereza kut ndinagonadi a Malawi aftr kukhuta kwambiri sikut ufa ukamvomera pliz Chaponda

  9. Wht if when he bcomes a president ?? Sleepng during the day errrrr mr presdent u made wrong choice our country needs freshblood not magogo this should be the downfall of the dpp regime take ti or leave it.

  10. I believe the pictures and not the minister. And this is my right. Is politics about lies? If people cannot accept what is wrong, if people can defend what is inappropriate they cannot change. The best the public servants who were asleep during a parliamentary session can do is to apologies to their bosses, their employers, the masses , the voters. Unless they got where they are by other means than a popular vote then they can continue to be arrogant. Hon.Dr. Chaponda should be reminded that as a public servant he is subject to public scrutiny. The UN post was different to his current position (s). When we criticize we are not disrespecting him and his colleagues. Sleeping on duty is a misconduct and inappropriate.

  11. Dozing is part of human life, if he was really dozing off there’s no need to refuse because people saw him.
    How can one fail to doze off in a Malawian Parliament where MPs go there only to pass hours and receive allowances.

  12. Palibe chomwe a dpp angamvomerepo.Chili chonse amangokana.Apa munthu amagona zeni zeni.Ndinayiwonera speach yonse thru zodiac Tv Chaponda amagona uyu.Ngati akukana nde ndi wopusa kwambiri Chifukwa dziko lonse linamuwona.

  13. Sometimes it is good to accept the truth, he slept that’s all I don’t think the pictures were photo shopped as he claims, its unfortunate that a man of Chaponda’s calibre can choose to lie in public simply to defend his wrongs.

  14. Kodi nde ngati amagona pulobulemu yanu ndichani?, kaya amagona kaya chani munthuyu sadzafa mphawi, pamene winawe ukhalila yomweyo yomangochonga anzakoyo ukumadya kawili patsiku chifukwa champhanvu yaumphawi, mmalo momataya nthawi ndizinthu zothandiza kulimbana ndizinthu za ziiiiiiiiii, even if mwiniwakeyo atavomeleza kuti amagona so what impact will that hav 2the nation?

  15. These are issues that consumed for 50+ years that will forever tag us to the poverty list. Even ourselves who make this an issue do very same @ times & which does not spare the Worlds most advanced Nations. One who can not sleep @ any such functions @ times is certain to sleep like a child with nothing to think & plan for the next day. As for the media people, there’s to plan apart from how to can to where to pick ‘mabodza anu a tsiku limenelo’.

  16. Samagona but he was planning how to become the next mulhakho president, za ziiiiiiiiiiiii. Inu nonse munajambula chithunzi chimenechi chisungeni chidzagwira ntchito 2019.

  17. Thanks & Thumbs up for the media for exposing this dude, job well done: Every story & Picture tells a story if the President was Mogufuli Chaponda would have been sacked; No photo shoping:

  18. Musatitenge ife ngati zisilu ; mumagona end of story ; n poti amalawi ndife zisilu zopusa; zidebe ; agalu mthawi ya mavoti muzakamuvotelanso kuti akapitilize kugonaku kumusiya munthu wachinyamata ; kkk mmalawi sazatheka ndikunamizidwa ; tiyeni tizidontha choncho nankha titani poti tatani kale

  19. baba osakana mumagona abwana akulankhula,inu amene mumasankha ma mp muzidziwa kuti munthu wakula sangathe kukhala nthwi pazokambirana zamdziko

    • Like seriously y are pipo making an issue over nothing munthu azikasinza mu church nde wat more Ku parliament hahahahahha be serious pipo…..

  20. It was evn beamed on Tv so maybe if we say napping he cud ve accepted kkkkk the minister needs a big rest.lf l were president l cud drop this old-sleeping man.

  21. Yes, akunena zoona samagona amadziwa zimene amachita, anangonyasidwa ndi mfundo za peter paja alibe ma jokes akamayankhula ngati anachita kujambula plus mfundo zake zinali za ziiii! zofunika kuwauza ana, ndiye akadatani munthu wamkuluyu?

  22. This shows already now tht the guy is a liar and not a suitable successor of the President coz there is no truth in him. True leaders accept their flows and apologise as big people. Sleeping in public events 4 big people is not a wonder coz they think 2much but 4 this guy 2 deny is a proof tht he’ll be lying always when on top seat. ONCE A LIAR ALWAYS A LIAR!

  23. Akulu awa kungowadzolowera basi amakana zinthu zakuti achita ndipo kukana nkhani alibe nzawo. Ndi omwewansotu nthawi ija ananena kuti boma likufuna likhadzikitse lamulo lakuti munthu aliyense akaphwisa pagulu azimangidwa kenako atawona kuti nkhaniyo ndi yochititsa manyazi azuzulidwa anayamba kukana amvekere sananene akuwanamidzira.

  24. Photoshopped meaning kuti people took picture yake yomwe amagona kwina kwake ndikuyikira ndi thupi lake ali ku Parliament, akamuwuze mwana waku mkaka zimenezo.

  25. If the photos circulating on social media were photoshoped what about those live pictures that were beamed live on tv? Were these also photoshoped? Be serious man. You slept you slept period. We all fall asleep sometimes even in church it happens.