Malawian leaders urged to live righteously

Pastor Daniel Walusa
Pastor Daniel Walusa
Pastor Daniel Walusa; Calls for righteousnesses on the lives of leaders in Malawi.

A Malawian pastor has called on leaders in the country to live in a righteous way, arguing that people currently take them to be sinners.

Speaking at the official relaunch of his Global United Believers (GUB) ministry, Pastor Daniel Walusa argued that Malawians take leaders to be the most corrupt oppressors in the society.

Walusa further said that as leaders of a God-fearing nation, politicians need to set examples by having knowledge of spiritual matters and God.

“The relaunch will help those that are taken as sinners to be closer to their God in heaven. For example, politicians are taken as masters of lying, corrupt people, in offices those with big responsibility are considered to be oppressors.

“It is high time people have had that in their minds, they themselves need to denounce their evil deeds and pronounce that Jesus Christ is the Lord and saviour,” said Walusa who runs Devotion column on Malawi24 website.

A cross section of patrons at the event.

The pastor further advised people to stop seeking earthly treasures arguing that most people are joining churches to have material things.

“Some are joining other churches because they have heard the pastors pray for people to have cars, husbands, wives and beautiful kids, this is not the way we are supposed to have faith on, we need to pray that by the time of our death we should be worthy to enter the kingdom of God,” he added.

GUB ministry was established in 2013 to help in winning souls to God and it has been relaunched to give its full capabilities of helping more people in knowing that Jesus Christ is the Lord and giver of life.



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