Artists drum up support for Piksy


Piksy’s Kora award nomination has received a major boost as Malawi’s  urban artists have joined hands in urging people to vote for him.

The artist whose real name is Evans Zangazanga was nominated in the best male Southern Africa category along with five other musicians from Southern Africa.

It all started with hip-hop artist, Kabol Lombwe, who appealed to Malawians on social media last month, to support the country’s sole representative. With the passage of time, other artists have fallen in the long chain of supporters for Zangazanga of the “Unamata” fame.

Piksy: Being supported.

Gospel hip-hop artist Barry One is one of the well-wishers as evidenced by his recent Facebook posts.

In his post yesterday, he congratulated Malawi netball superstar Mwawi Kumwenda for claiming the International World Games Association (IWGA) award as athlete of the year. He then called on Malawians to support Piksy in the same way.

Media personalities are also persuading people to vote for the former Airtel brand ambassador if the country is to have a double victory in international honours this year following Kumwenda’s triumph. In almost all entertainment radio shows, presenters have been campaigning for the afro-urban artist.

The award presentation ceremony is slated for 20th March in Namibia. It will unite musicians from all corners of Africa. The awards’ diversity is evidenced in the nomination of artists who do different genres of music.

The Malawian ambassador is looking forward to go ahead of South African rapper, AKA, C4 Pedro and Creon Du from Angola, Gazza from Namibia, from Angola and Zambia’s Petersen, who have been nominated along with him in the same category.



  1. Tonse sitingakhale oimba komanso sioimba aliyense angasankhidwe kuyimira dziko lathu pa mpikisano koma zonsenzi zitengera chikondi chathu wth our vote 2 vote 4 our own malawian artist.lets join hands guys and vote in matitude so that we shud stl keep malawi on amap.

  2. Amalawi monga anthu oyipisitsa mu Africa muno…they always look at your weaknesses and not strengths….no wonder we are the poorest of the poor and the we blame it on others. Learn to honour what is your own and despise the other but with a back up statement. If you cant do something that someone can do then just learn it from that person rather than being mean and discredit a fellow comrade…… Remember that ignorance has more power than wisdom….# The Godfather….

  3. Koma inuuu!..ku malawi tili ndi mwai eti? mwat:envans zangazanga ndi piksy, kumalawi kokha kuno, anthu awiri? ndi dil..ku vota kulipo bola maunis atipase coz akazawina sazatibwezera.kkkkkk(koma umbuliu)

  4. Oro mutani mutani, sangaiphure!
    Nyimbo zake ziti guyz, za chitonsizo? Kuvotera kuti ndiwakwathu or kuti amatha? Ine nde sindivota nawo, zitotsi fans tiyeni nacho chikhochi

  5. Malawians…this is our own son..our own artist simply like Mwawi Kumwenda…lets vote for him and make Malawi proud as we are putting it on the world map. We need more Malawians of this calibre…..hard workers but with a vision. Big up Piksy…we love you and you must know that we are behind you just like Mwawi….and you will make it…God knows that too…

  6. Zed is my home but i like dat Dude very Much: i just dnt knw i enjoy Malawian music dan my zambian music:::that it i can sure Vote 4 dat dude mwaaa!

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