Chinese nationals defeated at their own game; charged for smuggling

Chinese nationals

Four Chinese nationals risk jail time after they were caught smuggling Rhino horns into Tanzania from Malawi.

The four, Mr Song Lei, 33, Xiao Shaodan, 29, Hu Liang, 30, and Che Jianlin, 34, are being charged with conspiracy to smuggle Rhino horns into Tanzania without permission from the authorities.

They have also been charged with organising crime and collecting and possesing government trophies without a license from authorities.

Acccording to Mr Godliving Mollel, a Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) officer at Tanzania-Malawi Kasumulu boarder post in Kyela, the Chinese were arrested three weeks ago when they were entering Tanzania from Malawi.

Chinese nationals

The four are said to have obtained a 90 days permit on 26th September to travel to Malawi on the condition that the vehicle they were using was going to be checked upon return.

Things went sour at the border on 16th November when the Chinese nationals were about to enter Tanzania. Mollel added that Mr Song Lei who was driving the car panicked when he was asked for the vehicle’s registration card. The driver was asked to wait for immigration officials, while his colleagues left the site and boarded a commuter bus which raised much suspicion.

The three were blocked before they could go any further and they were brought back to the inspection area at the border post.

The police called a mechanic, Pilimini Komba, who dismantled some parts of the car and found an iron sheet that was screwed with nuts.

He said after opening, he discovered another partition that was built like a fuel tank and the horns were inside it.

Reports indicate that a minimum of 11 rhinos must have been killed to gather the horns.




  1. Judgement 4sure its fair,kma kuba nkhuku ma judge ndye kumafuna kuonetsa ukatswiri shit! If mw is poor anthu akwao kolemerawa akudzatani kuno?

  2. I knew they will play such games thats why they wanted our assets. Government should have been mindful when allowing them control of our games&national parks.

  3. I knew they will play such games thats why they wanted our assets. Government should have been mindful when allowing them control of our games&national parks.

  4. Ife timadabwatu pamene ife tikuthawira kujoni kukazisaka iwo amati kuno mkwabwino kodi amabwerera zimenezi eeti komande mwayaluka

  5. Anthuwa akupindula mu zambiri ndi boma lathu thats why they’re building lots of infractures free of charge. Check out Malawi GVMt.

    1. To us China is a spoon which builds structures. It is impossible to punish its citizens ruthlessly. They will go off with fines.

  6. Tawasieni ndi azungu amenewo alinazo zochita inu mutani nazo, olo akadapanda kuwagwira akanadziwa ndani? Phindu lake ife sitilionapo apa nonsese

  7. Our Border Laws, Very Pathetic Including The Way We Scan And So Forth. These Horns Are Not From Mw, Hw Many Rhinos Do We Have In Mw? We Wud Have Knwn If One Of The Few Was Killd.

  8. amalawi ife ndiopusa.bwanji tikulola anthuwa atilemelele?ndye mwaonat

  9. Atuluka lero lomwe amenewo tikudziwa ife. Nanji ndi oyera khungu komanso boma lakwawo linamanga parliament, BICC komanso lakhululukira ngongole Malawi………

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