Government’s failure to address important issues worry CSOs

Francis kasaila

A Civil Society Organisation in the country has expressed worry over government’s silence in addressing issues that need immediate attention.

This is coming at a time when government has delayed tabling of the Access to Information (ATI) bill, a development which made CSOs to give government a seven day ultimatum to respond on the progress of the bill. General Secretary for Citizen Alliance, which is one of the CSOs in the country, Wilson Asibu, said government’s silence is worrisome as it has delayed in addressing issues that need immediate attention.

Francis kasaila
Kasaila: Calls for patience.

“It is worrisome that government has delayed to address issues that needs immediate attetion and as CSO’s we are yet to meet to discuss the way forward on the delays to table Access to Information bill,” said Asibu.

On the part of government, Leader of the House in Parliament Francis Kasaila said Malawians should put their trust in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as the bill will be tabled in March next year.

“DPP government will deliver what it promised and Malawians should trust government that it shall fulfil its promises,” said Kasaila.

He further said that the president has not been inconsistent as others say and he has the mandate to scrutinise an issue before delivery.




  1. FOUR WEEKS,?? What is the meaning of all this ? How much have been spent ? What has been achieved ?. Where is Malawi going ?.If someone critically analyse the behavior of people in Malawi today can argue that Malawians have lost direction. They don’t even know where they are coming from, the Sad story is that they don’t even know where they are going. No body trust one another , the leaders are concentrating on GENERAL ELECTION that will be held in 2019 and 2024 ??. Who is going to care for 2015 activities ?. Are the people of Malawi going to wait for 2019 to have a decent meal.Are the doctors and nurses going to wait until 2024 to get employment in the so called government ??.

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