Anybody who says I am visionless is mad – Mutharika slams at critics


…warns Uladi Mussa

Visionless Malawi President Peter Mutharika whom on his watch the country is falling apart took a swipe at his critics claiming they are mad.

In a rally that he held in Mangochi where he discussed various issues, the Malawi leader challenged all the people who have called him clueless and visionless.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: I am not visionless, Malawians are mad!

“We have plans to build roads here and do a lot of things, once those plans come to happen, people will be happy with us,” said Mutharika.

He then went into an overdrive to say that all the people who were busy saying that he is visionless are mad.

“Some people are saying I do not have a vision, with all these plans the only person who can say that I do not have a vision is mad,” said Mutharika.

At the rally, the Malawi leader also hit at opposition Peoples’ Party’s leader in Parliament Uladi Mussa over the remarks he made that Mutharika is nepotistic.

“I should now address Uladi Mussa, he is in the papers saying that I am nepotistic. That is nonsense and he should stop it,” said Mutharika.

Last week, the PP leader also lambasted Mutharika in Parliament over his failures.



  1. Kkkkkkkk khani zake what u should know pp dziko sila munthu mmodzi ai aliyese asangalare ntchito kulibe chakudya zilo mankhwala zipatala zilo school zalowapasi kodi paja mumati ophuzila awa nanga akutani mosemuja

  2. You are indeed clueless your exllency. The worst President Malawi has ever had. Eeee mavuto a Malawi. On that rally T/A Chimwala spoke far much better than you.It could have been better if T/A Chimwala was the President.

  3. Peter, zindikira kuti Yehova alipo, anthu ake , olengedwa ndi Iye basi kuwanena kuti amisala, basi Yehova Yekha ndiye athane nawe .

  4. Nyapapi Bwampix, bwanji aise. Nkazi uja, zinayamba kulakwika pamene paja. Admin I dedicate divorce by janta to nyapapi. kuno ku dowa. Zikomo

  5. even if u can have a solution do u think peter can tek it?
    Peter said he is millionaire,,,y can’t he help his country using his money hence he is also sucking our taxes,,,,,he was blaming jb now he is in power so much excuses,,,,nazon andalenu

  6. You wear the same shirt 6 times in 3 weeks. Graduated but can’t find a job in months/years. Your bank account is in a negative financial state. Your kitchen doesn’t even have a K1500 Orange squash. You ask for money to handle food bills, rentals or fuel expenses. Your employment status is depressing and your qualifications are rotting. AND YOU ARE THERE SCREEMING “Chala mamba!!!!” ur stupid

  7. Peter ur de one who is mad,very stupit,wat kind of leadership is in u?nothing…APM pamodz ndiosapota onse nd mbuz zawanthu,ndiwombere mmanja nd manyi omwe…aaa zausiru…

  8. Zoonadi mr president mukunena zoona. Anthuwa apengadi. Inutu ndinu munthu wamasomphenyatu.
    koma kungoti amayembekezera kuti masomphenya amakhala oona zakutsogolo, sadadziwe kuti inu muli ndi new style ya masomphenya. Yomwe ndiyobwezeretsa mbuyo zinthu.
    Ndikukhulupilira Pano akumvetsani ndithu. Ndinu katswiri ndithu.
    Moti term yanu ikamatha, Ai tikhala tatukuka nawo umphawi ndithu.
    Mwina mkudzafikapo paja Okamuzu odawapezera anthu aku Nsanje, Mwanza ndi Neno.

  9. kikikikikikikiki bwampini bwanji? vision yake mulinayo ndi iti? chifukwa ndi Muluzi yemwe osaphunzira did very well inu bambo bodza mwakanika kaya mukuti ndife amisala tivomera inu nanu vomerani kuti vision yanu mukuidziwa ndinu

  10. kikikikikikikiki bwampini bwanji? vision yake mulinayo ndi iti? chifukwa ndi Muluzi yemwe osaphunzira did very well inu bambo bodza mwakanika kaya mukuti ndife amisala tivomera inu nanu vomerani kuti vision yanu mukuidziwa ndinu

  11. anold mbewe z ryt Itink;,ngati munthu akukanika kuyendesa banja nanga kulibwanji dziko,?likewise,ngati munthu ankalephela kupanga solve nkhani yokhuza xul while he minister of education kulibwanji DZIKO lalikulukululi?

  12. Matius pasulani …Implemation of policies is in the hands executive ..Chikwera is nt in executive..ur peter even if pple advise him he dont listen he is arrogant.we told him nt to remove JCE but he went ahead.if u dont hv solutions in executive then tell him to resign so that those with solution run the govt..head of state with no political experience.i foresee danger

    • i get u dear friend what ur saying but i want u also to get this point that if all critics can come forward and give solutions the president can take them but the problem that is there in malawi is the sour relationship between the president and the opposition leader which emerges after the elections. Chakwera and Kabwila are educated pipo and have visions but they cant share that with peter bcoz they are in the opposition. so u see, the problem in malawi is politics every where. the blame game wont help us. may be other pipo might advised peter and he refused but i havent come across that. all that i know is that there has no tangible solution to the problems we are facing by the critics and the issue of resigning wont help us. lets wait untill his term is over and then we can make a decision.

  13. Taking 50 vehicles on convoy to Mangochi while 1 ambulance in Mulanje is failing to go to Health Centre to collect patiants due to luck of fuel? shame.

  14. Old madala he don’t want to accept that “he is a visionless leader” bt vision leader can’t call his pple “mad” shame sir opanda mano

  15. i tink Malawi shud be ruled by pipo obadwira mommuno kukulira komkuno, xul yao komkuno kunjako mwina kukangoonjezera maphunziro osaiwala kugwiranso ntchito komkuno kwakanthawi coz amenewo ndio angakhale ndi experience yabwino…….we shud pray 4 our lovly home Malawi

  16. Instead of killing innocent pple in Paris Islamic state shud hav come to Malawi and bomb Sanjika palace and all those state houses where thieves are hiding in the name of serving the country.

  17. The truth z that madala inuyo ndi opanda masomphenya basi. Even if u call pple mad its only because u dont know that u dont know

  18. A uladi mussa kapena kuti sir amadrassa wy critising APM ndinu olephera let him rule this country to his best peter woyeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. He cant threaten us. We pay taxes and we end up suffering fron the his poor economic governance. This is our land nobody and i repeat nobody can move Chakwera kip it up ma Predident..our hope is in u.not this this old and less visionary leader..gogo mwakula go and eat ur pension

    • true to ur words that peter cannot threaten us but u have to know that chakwera ur president is a govt. official and just as any other opposition leader in the world has the responsibility to give solutions to the problems we are facing now in malawi apart from criticizing the president. if he chakwera is failling to do that how sure are we that him given the mantle can make things right. of all the pipo, i expected chakwera to offer solutions to this govt coz he is a govt. offical. Do u get that? why is he lecturing the president on extravagance when he is riding in an 80 something million kwacha car and u say such kind of a person a visionary. which vision does he has that he is not willing to share with others? am not a supporter of peter get that straight and i expect mr chakwera to offer solutions not just critizing. these are cheap politics just to gain mere favours and we malawians are tired of this. if he starts offering solutions then we will know how serious he is to ur problems and how visionary he is as others are thinking so.

  20. I don’t care fuck u as well anold mbewe even u ur nor mi type u beta shut ur mouth u tell ur peter wat i said if u think u will be promoted from ur position ukhalira yomweyo yongoombera manja olo akukubibirani nkamwa

    • Ngati inuyo mukumadya ku Maliro, sikuti anzanu onse akumadya ku maliro. Aliyense ali ndi ufulu osankha chipani chomwe akufuna

    • You wear the same shirt 6 times in 3 weeks. Graduated but can’t find a job in months/years. Your bank account is in a negative financial state. Your kitchen doesn’t even have a K1500 Orange squash. You ask for money to handle food bills, rentals or fuel expenses. Your employment status is depressing and your qualifications are rotting. AND YOU ARE THERE SCREEMING “Chala mamba!!!!” ur stupid

  21. Peter is right, there is a difference between a critic and an insult. am not a supporter of peter but so far what i have seen pipo are no longer criticizing him but insulting him. u cant call someone visionless then the question is who is visionary, Chakwera? All those critics are fake coz they have not offered any solution to the problems we are facing hence Peter is right by refering to them mad pipo.

    • I have mentioned chakwera coz he was the one who started all these sayings that peter does not have a vision in his response to Peter’s speech in the parliament by saying that this country does not have a right leadership and Peter should resign.

    • And chakwera and uladi must be really mad coz they know that in the constitution of this country there is no clause for resignation but constitutional handover when the sitting president is incarpacitated or dead they know this and because they r mad they dont remember. If peter resigns who among those calling for resignation can take over? We need leaders who are constitutionally mature and competent

    • Even the scripture warns of visionless leadership . it is not madness to detect and publicly warn against the same. May be it is madness in itself to deliberately take criticism for madness

    • ineyo personally i agree kuti ndi madness coz look at chakwera he is the opposition leader making him a govt. official which means him too is in the system. ngati waona zolakwika why cant he offer solutions instead of wasting time criticizing yet him too is in the system. how can he criticize the president of extravagance yet he accepted an 80 million something car. if he has a vision why cant he share with others. In U.S an opposition leader offers solution why cant him too do the samething. yemweyo ali mu system akupanga benefit like the vice president and then he is saying the government is of no vision thats total madness.

    • Malawian Opposition is not there to oppose for developing the country no a big no nut opposing because they are jealous if thet were to be “moses of the latter days” then they shud work with the govt to recover the country from this economic hardship but becoz they are mad they cant do that

    • sindikupasula @ juwawo. langokhala dzina but to say the truth, its time the opposition starts offering solutions. the blame game wont help us malawians.

  22. guys wake up when will u MWs dawn ends?******….

    Bingu was here u claimed he was wrong……
    After death tooks us apart u wishes he back for u to finish up his visions…..

    Now its Mr President APM…..u wanna track him down now….what a fuck are u hating…..
    why not accepting his idea……
    Just a root of hatred on your feet up ur head……

    u will once regret him…….


  23. Iwe ndiye stupid and idiot @andy anything come on myside iwill blust,anthu opanda nzeru ngati inu meaning famly yanu yonse, coz nzeru zimayambira panyumba,amene ukumunena stupid he is not yr type even yr uncle amagulisa bonya aja,ngati limakulephela kuyendesa banja lako wat more dziko?samala

  24. Did he really say “malawians are mad” as captioned under the picture in the story? The whole president kutchula a malawi tonse a “misala” or its just an exeggeration to capture attention of the pple?

    • learn to understand first before commenting thats rule number 1 on facebook. mutharika said “those who r saying he has no vision are mad” that means theres agroup of people who are saying that not all malawians

    • Can u also understand my comment coz it simz u got it wrong. Thats exactly my point not the way the writer put it. The president cant bite the finger that is feeding him; otherwise its just an exeggeration to capture pipos attention

    • Is he the one who told u not to go further wth ur education? u messed up ur future yourself and u r here blaming peter muthalika. Is he ur father? wake up and do something instead of waitin for politician to bring food on your table. unathamangira kupereka mimba uli std 7. nde lero ukalimbane ndi peter mutharika cifukwa cha mavuto omwe ukukumana nawo?

    • amenei ndi mbuzi olo peter atasiya lero kulamulira dzikoli palibe chomwe chingasinthe pa moyo wakoudzakhalira kulira mmoyo wako wonse kamba ka ulesi omwe ulinawowo ungokhala manja lende chilichonse ufuna uziyembekedzera boma?khalani odzilimbira pa inu nokha man mukadzatero simudzanyodza atsogoleri coz mudzakhala mulinazo zinthu zokueneledzani

    • Kodi anthu enanu why do you always keep pointing your figure on leaders,especially in this case of peter you mean to say you are ignorant of gone goverment of amai that left with all the money(cashgate).all our donors left us now peter came in the midst of all that mess trying to win back donors and build up a better economy its not a one year or two thing,ikakhala mvulA kusagwa bwino its not his fault no any leader brings rain its the almighty who does that..nde castigating him on the problems that we have its not a solution otherwise winau nde laziness kuzolowela ma hand outs a UDF.

  25. I am very touched with pitala’s speach pa gulu kumatukwana amalawi ufulu wathu ovota uzatipindulila lit kumuvotela lelo at ndife amisala iwe pitala ngat ungaiwone sms the same tym kneel and repent.chifukwa u neva know God wil sentence you.

  26. Ine ndikanakonda mukanakhala president wa chisanzo pokhulupila yehova chifukwa mau ot mad sangachoke mkamwa mwa munthu okhulupila yehova pagulu ngat pamenepo.dziwan amisala omweo ndi amene anakuvotelani .may God transform you . Amen

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