Bizarre! Dead man turns into a mad cow


Villagers in the area of chief Chembe in Malawi’s lake shore district of Mangochi believe a man who recently died in the village has reincarnated as a mad cow.

According to one villager, the man was a well-known juju believer.

Dead man turns into a cow. (Google image)

He said the man, John Yasini had been sick for a long time and he started begging people that they should kill him because he was failing to die.

“Some of the people who were with him tried their best but it took time for them to end the man’s life. Eventually he died.

“Ever since his death the villagers have been troubled by a mad cow,” said villager.

Another villager told Malawi24 that she has had an encounter with the cow. She said that the cow is so strange and it only appears in the late hours of the night.

“The cow does not kill or bring harm to any person but it damages things like maize, or enters into bathrooms and drinks dirty water from the bathrooms.

“Many people are afraid to walk during the night because of this mad cow,” she said.



  1. Koma ngawi amwenewo anachita kuphedwa amene anaphayo akuyenera kumangwidwa. Ndi suspect wa murder

  2. kkkkk koma malawi 24 eeee mwachulusa bodza ine ndili komweko ku mangochiko mudzi womwe mukunamawo kulibeko izi munatani kodi kukonda bodza inu muziyamba mwafufuza bwino musanabwele apa

  3. I don’t blv that coz bible in ecclesiastes 9:5 .says that life one know everything and dead no know nothing. nde ine ndati sindikuhulupilira zoti munthu wakufa angasandukeso china

  4. Kungomva kuti he was a magician mwati mumuganizire zimenezo… Munthu anafa anafa basi ng’ombeyo mungopha bax mudye nyama isa!! Apo ayi mufufuze eniwake

    1. Kho Verbal Hologram Aipa i maintain my stand, there is nothing wrong with the sentence, this iz grammatically correct, if anything , upgrade ur vocabulary or else ur english teacher/lecturer be sentenced to life imprisonment

  5. koma ziliko mpaka menepopo idyebwe basi???????????????????????????????????

  6. sizoona. Ng’ombe yajambulidwa apa ndi ya Mkaka yomwe amapereka JB ndiye mwati ndi munthu? Kkkk zikhulupiliro za chikunja

  7. That’s too bad sometimes using juju have negative effects.

  8. Kukhwima kopandanako phindu. Angoipha ndikuidya ng’ombeyo

  9. Did the journalist visited the graveyard to see for himself if his grave was opened? Dont post hearsay stories, do research first.

  10. Too bad! Was he not buried?? We need to know how did it happen?how did they know the the cow equals the dead man? The story is incomplete

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