Malawi failing to survive without aid

Malawi small scale businesses

As Malawi’s economy crumbles, the country has again been pinned among worst performers in Africa by one of the continent’s highly rated publications, Mail and Guardian.  The publication adds weight on calls for donors to resume aid to Malawi which tops the list of 7 countries in Africa that cannot survive without foreign aid.

Malawi small scale businesses
Malawi economy crumbling without donors

An opinion published on Mail & Guardian Africa predicts that the country will be annihilated without aid at a time the West is cutting its financial support to various countries in Africa.

“With Malawi currently struggling to feed itself, it cannot afford to lose resources without this having dire impacts on the most basic services such as schooling and health care. It’s extremely high aid dependence was seen most starkly with the coming into the limelight of the ‘cashgate’ scandal – when donors withdrew aid in response to government corruption”

“This crippled the government’s ability to manage the needs of the country including pay salaries to teachers, nurses and other public servants. There were public service cuts and districts were left without the funds to provide for the most basic items like medicines” reads part of an article justifying the need for the West to reflex their muscles on aid to Malawi.

Completing the list are Liberia, Gambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Lesotho and Mali.

Malawi president Mutharika revealed recently that Malawi was in a deep recession. His  remarks came soon after the International Monetary  Fund (IMF) had said Malawi was off track on efforts to inspire economic growth. The multinational financial institution said GDP in Malawi will hit the record low of 3% with inflation hovering above 20%.



  1. Africa can do better without aid.These handouts from the donors is affecting a lot of people in the sense that they end up depending on them rather than fending for themselves.To me this is an insult to us Africans it means we cannot survive without these handouts from the West.Its high time we start doing it ourselves

  2. Mackson Mbendera did not cry for nothing.

  3. This is pretty much the gov. Fault. They stole so they stopped giving em money.logic. but u people saying malawi24 is lying or is boring for reporting this, sorry but this is the reality.

  4. Isnt that good to be feeding on our own tax? Arent we tired of carrying begging bowels? Arent we ashamed of being branded the worst beggars? If the leaders utilise our hard earned tax,its its far more less hurting.

  5. This is survival in a negative sense.Let donors come for the good of Malawi. If the country’s economy will be fine the cost of living will favour all low,middle and high income earners. We dont have to document all other challenges which the country is currently facing.It is high time we Malawians strategise on how to generate forex to stabilise the local currency.Malawi stands to benefit immensely when Donors come back to kickstart the economy.MALAWI still remains the most beautiful and peaceful country to leave and bring up a family.

  6. AVOIDNG th truth wil not help us our economic woes r as a result of POOR LEADERSHIP.Th pple in control of our coffers do thngs by words NOT ACTION.THEY wer ONL GOOD @ CREATNG th mess.But can not find th way out of it.Wors enough,instead of find a way out ,th president is busy SUFFOCATING th economy even further.

  7. MALAWI 24, an online news agency failing to report important news to the public. As there is alot they could write on they still mislead the people by reporting on false information.

  8. Maganizo a munthu osauka sangakhale ndi ulamuliro pa anthu olemerera,Lets change our mind and comfess to God,He wll give us the knowledge and wisdom to solve this complicated matter’s

  9. I bet to differ the opposite is true, Malawi is surviving without aid lets not beat about the bush, for once lets forget about Aid and start managing our resources prudently we can do more with what we have.

    1. I agree and disagree. We really need to start taking care for ourselves without aid. But we are not surviving. High population, no stable way to get money. We get no aid for a year and we are now the poorest country in the world

    2. if you heard the reports in the past you have to agree. the reports said 40% of the budget goes into the drain and budgetory support from donor was at 40% what rings into your mind there Lonjezo Bande?

    3. if you heard the reports in the past you have to agree. the reports said 40% of the budget goes into the drain and budgetory support from donor was at 40% what rings into your mind there Lonjezo Bande? after all when did aid stop?

    4. but frank the question should be what have you done for you to stop limping as a wounded zebra? And if every Malawian does that what a great nation are we going to have?

    5. For the first time, we are painfully surviving without budget support. We must be proud of this though others must not appreciate that we have started to gain independence now than before.

  10. Its better we swallow our pride and do what donnors want us to do. One the the donnors is not shielding crooks selfish individuals reaping off poor people. If the Govt comply on this conditions donors will difinately come back. But as of now it has stack its guns not to return and they mean it. We can’t run a country with almost no resources in our coffers. In the end MRA will also end up collecting nothing from companies and no one will import goods outside we will be just looking at each other.Time is ripe Govt,Opposition parties , Religious leader, Academicians , Business tycoons, Economists and other make a one month forum to discuss and see where we are wrong and make a long term plan or solution then end up wth interdenominational prayers at stadium difinately God will intervene other than just accusing each other that will not help us. We. are all Malawians.

  11. Malawi sizachita bwino olo maiko onse atati apereke theka la chuma chao ku Malawi. Komanso makampani ataya chidwi chobwera ku Malawi chifukwa cha zomwe akulemba atola nkhani zoipisa boma, choncho Malawi media isayembekezere kuti Malawi nation itukuka.

  12. Mr presdent mu man festo awo anati Malawi ikhoza kupanga suvive without donors, pano ndiwo akudya okha ma milion xo I wonder he is is in that postion almost 2yers wat must we believe. Onena ana nena kti ife amalawi stichedwa kuiwala nkulu wake anatizuza, zaka five zomalizira yet we put same people in pawer icry cause its only poor who sufer for evry thing, I rest my case igot 2mutch 2tell

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