Mutharika dares Zambia’s Edgar Lungu


The Malawi leader might have only been trying to set a precedent in giving an example, but Peter Mutharika should have remembered the world was listening when he referred the Malawi media to check how his Zambian counterpart, Edgar Lungu blew alot of money with a higher delegation to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) recently.

The angry looking Mutharika while railing at the local media for exposing Malawi’s poverty too much, had been seeking ways to defend his reported 115 entourage to the US besides having a typed list of names of people that went along with him.

The Malawi President was quick to compare his entourage to that of Zambia’s while trying to parry
away accusations that he wasted taxpayers money.

Edgar Lungu, Peter Mutharika

Lungu (L) precedence for Mutharika (R)

“You are attacking me for taking 115 people? Just go to our neighbors Zambia they took
256 people and their President hired a private jet that took him all the way to New York and
waited for him right there for the return trip,” said a visibly-angry Mutharika.

He laboured to contrast President Lungu’s direct flight from Lusaka to US with his 5-hour flight from
Lilongwe to Dubai on a private jet where he connected to New York on a commercial airliner.

“Strangely, the attack comes at a time the two seemed to be in good books following Lungu’s
visit to Malawi during independence celebrations July this year. This is not the first time that
Zambia and Malawi leaders have been at loggerheads.” Zambian Mirror Facebook Page reported on Sunday.

Mutharika’s  late brother President Bingu wa Mutharika was not in good books with
Zambia’s late Michael Sata following a deportation feud that the later suffered while he was
still an opposition politician.

Upon coming to power, Sata never fancied the presence of Bingu at any international forum and
the two were only talking diplomatically not as personal cronies.

Mutharika blew over K2 billion on his trip to the US, unofficial calculations revealed.

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