Women Caucus wants govt to prioritise vulnerable groups

Jessie Kabwila
Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila: Rallying behind women empowerment.

Amidst fears of a looming hunger which could affect over 2.8 million Malawians  in the country, parliamentary women caucus has asked government to make sure that women, children, and the elderly are prioritized when dealing with the food situation.

Chairperson for the women caucus in parliament Jessie Kabwila said this on the sidelines of a meeting between members of the caucus and officials from the ministry of agriculture.

Kabwila said government need to put in place measures to make sure that women, children and the elderly so that they are hardly hit by the hunger.

She said that government should clarify on how they will provide food for school going children. Kabwila however commended government for coming to the meeting where a number of issues were addressed.

Government officials at the meeting said they will distribute food throughout the country.



  1. Women Caucus spoke infavour of women,Elderly and Children because She don’t have a Husband. How a person can realise that Men also to be saved?

  2. Kkkkkkkkkk sometimes i dont understand women on hunger issues you are inferior you cannt do anything on your own hence you want to be given a preriority .. What about equality you always cry for ?? Are we not equal any more??

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