8 years for raping two step-daughters


A Malawian court in Mangochi district has sentenced a 62 year old man to 8 years’ imprisonment with hard labour after the court found him guilty of raping his two step daughters.

Mangochi police station prosecutor Efford Kamphonje, told Mangochi first grade magistrate court that the convict, Jawadu Lajabu committed the offence between the months of February and April this year at Malunga village.

Kamphonje said Lajabu had been defiling his six year old and eight year old step daughters for a period of time and he says this had been happening as his wife was away doing some other activities in a garden which they owned outside the village.

CourtThe matter was revealed when the grandmother of the two girls noticed that the girls were having difficulties when walking. This prompted her to advise the mother of the girls to seek medication at Mangochi hospital.

At the hospital, it was learnt that the two girls had wounds in their private parts after being defiled and this was later reported to police who quickly nabbed the suspect.

In passing his sentence, the Mangochi first grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana said it is a worrisome development to notice that a person who was supposed to protect the girls was in the forefront in sexually abusing them.

Lajabu hails from Mkali village in the area of Traditional Authority Mponda in the district.



    1. Ngati chingelezi chimakuvutani mudzifunsa anzanu akuthandizeni.Anena mommo wina six(6) wina eight(8).Kaloweninso m’kalasi.Timanena kuthawira school pawindo alomwe inu sikwabwino.Onani professor wanu wa fake dziko likumukanika.Pepani.

  1. Zikuyenera kuchitika basi. Mwina ena angavomereze kuti tikukhala m’masiku oipa.(Mateyu 24:38,39 :2Pet3:11)

  2. 8yrs yachepa bola angotuluka…!! Rape ndikanyama kanji sono…masamba aja kodi…!!!!? Zachamba ayii, munthu atuluke uyu, anawo amamuyambira dala kuti awona mapunani awooo…

  3. I dont understand other men if it is lust God must punish,how could a 62 years old man do such an evil thing.
    The ministry of gender should do alot of civic education so more people have to be exposed.

    1. nde being a parenthood meanz that u should behave or act unforgivable?. how many sins have sinned before God forgive you?

    2. be a parent and come back you are far away too young to understand the pain that a parent go through when his/her child has been raped there are diseases that a child can get after being raped ena amang’ambika nkumene ndekuti awonongeka moyo wawo onse so why should the one who put them in the death sentence remain alive whilst the children are suffering??? uzazindikira bwino patsogolo

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