Revealed: Gaba, Chiukepo start upfront

Chiukepo Msowoya

…as Gabeya is dropped

Malawi national football team mentor Ernest Mtawali has made three changes to the squad that lost to Tanzania in the 2018 FIFA World Cup preliminary first leg qualifier on Wednesday last week at Benjamin Mukapa National Stadium.

Malawi conceided two quick goals in the first half and if they are to sail through, they must score more than the said goals without conceding.

Chiukepo Msowoya
Msowoya starts with Gaba as forwards.

Upon arrival at Chileka International Airport on Thursday, the mentor admitted that his charges were below par in the first half but was quick to point out some positives in the second half in which several chances were created.

The former Flames midfielder deployed Miracle Gabeya in defense, with Chawanangwa Kaonga playing as the lone striker.

But according to our findings, Kaonga, Gabeya and Robin Ngalande have all been deployed to the bench, with John Lanjesi, Gabadinho Mhango and Chiukepo Msowoya all set to start for the wounded Flames. Micium Mhone and John Banda will operate from the wings, with Gerald Phiri Jnr and Chimango Kaira playing in the middle of the park.

Lanjesi will partner Limbikani Mzava with Stainley Sanudi and Yamikani Fodya playing as the left back and right back respectively.

Below is the full starting eleven:

Goalie:Simplex Nthala

Defenders: Stainley Sanudi -Limbikani Mzava -John Lanjesi -Yamikani Fodya

Midfielders: -Micium Mhone -Gerald Phiri Jnr -Chimango Kayira -John Banda

Forwards: -Chiukepo Msowoya -Gabadinho Mhango .

The match kicks off at 2:00 pm this afternoon.

Victory for either side will set up a clash against the Desert Foxes of Algeria in the second preliminary round next month.

Malawi24 will provide live text feeds and updates of the match.



  1. mapuleya alipo mmamizimu osewelabwino munngokakamila awo otchuka kalewo koma mpila sakuwuziwa, pelekani kwa anzanu mpata kuti nawo awonese luso la masewelo

  2. Mmmmmm amalawi tivomeleze kuti team yathu silibwino ai mwina zipangizo kwandila pa masewelo tilibe tisamakonde kuda ma koch ai tiyeni tikhale pasi tilipeza vuto apa tingopepha boma lilowelelepo mwina kukhani ya zachuma pls tiyeni tivesesane amalawi komaso akuluakulu amane amayendesa za masewelo khalani pasi mufufuze kuti vuto ndichiyani

  3. Still not happy with simplex pliz next time humble yourself coach and recall chipuwa. Chipuwa is the goalie of the moment.

  4. I have my own reservations with Gerald Phiri junior, bola Kaliati. Komanso Meciunyo bola asamamuthawe wa kuTP Mazembe uja otherwise apweteketsanso madefender lero.

  5. Bola apapa line up ikupatsako chiembekezo!!!
    Ndadziwa akuopa kuthamangitsidwa waiwelenga mochedwa ulendo ulipo basi
    winayi akapitilize ntchito yake ku Bullets

  6. 4 players out of eleven mateam awo sakusewera and performance yomwe awatengera ku national team adasewerako kale .Simplex, Mhone , junior and Gaba chomwe adawatengera ku flames sindikuchidziwa off course ndi maplayer abwino koma ku maclub awo sakusewera. Mhone and junior akudikira work permit pomwe Gaba adali pa injury and Simplex ali pa suspension .And I don’t think we will win ndi selection iyi #Ng’oooooooooooo

  7. freedom of speech…whether u expect or by chance nor custigation….Flames will carry the day…no mistake for me in 1st eleven…1st half will manage to score ..2nd ndiye tiipheratu akazangolowa Chester. Big Up Live Wire!!

  8. Kaya Tiwina Kaya Tiluza Ndife Amalawi Basi Palibe Chifukwa Chosapotera TZ Ngati Akawina Musintha Citizenship. Ine Ndikuti God Be Wth Our Flames Team Enawo Achite Manyaz Ndiponso Aziwe Kuti Ndiinu China Chilichonse N’chotheka

  9. Kodi mukufuna alowese ndaninoo? or atalowesa inu ndi miyendo yanu yokhotayoo mungasewere nayo mpira inuu??? Ndife a Malawi lets contribute our comments Positively… Akalowa amene mukuwatchurawo n mkuluza mumati anakalamba mukufuna enawa apasidwe mwai zinthu zikhoza kusintha. Y Malawians simufuna kungovomeleza kuti nthaka yathu si ya mpira…

  10. If its wat th coach thinks who are we to say no to tht line up?thy are all good and hard workn lads lets jst give zem our voices pa kamuzu 2day and thy wu do it.

  11. Would you PLEASE give me a vivid knowledge of the Line-up, Radio 2, Mij and Ufulu Fm respectively line-up is different with this I’m reading here! I heard Gabeya has maintained his position and front line Yes Chiukepo but excluding Gaba instead Shumaker Kuwali to start? Which is Which?????????

  12. My worry is that Gaba is just recovering having been injured for so long. He has never played competitively.
    Msowoya is also coming back from injury. He isn’t that fit. We have young strikers the innocent Bokosi and others. We could have tried these

    1. Yes thy are gud bro,bt Bokosi and others are super league materials cant stand th hit ku flames.we wantd manase chiyesa did he perform ku Tz?

    2. That was one off game. We need strikers that score goals and it is only Malawi that can ignore a top goal scorer in its league by not including him in the national team. We take a goal keeper who is suspended for a long period in his Mozambican league. Really? To me we just don’t have the mentality to win. Not at all

  13. this is very impressive first eleven,,,but it will depend,if starting eleven ya the Taifars ngat ili weak,but i dont have hope that we can pull down the Tanzanians today,,,Malawi win today but the goals will be below 2,Flames keep on fire burning

  14. Ife ndikulimba mtima kwathuku tingoti all the best flames..nanga tingathawilekt tinabadwa a ndiyathu iyi olo m’mangotikhumudwitsa

  15. No mata hw muc i may desire to be from England but am still a malawian and Flames is my nation team. Go Go my dear flames, demolish these Tanzanians!

  16. sha…bullets national team mmmmm yah mudziona….ali kuti ng’ambi, Kamwendo and kanyenda mmmmm kaya zanu izo.

  17. Flames has more things to be mended and that can’t be changed an overnight. In this game we are going in with a two goals deficit,it will be very difficult for us to progress due to luck of technical expertise. We can concede an early goal due to the tactics we use. The Taifa stars knows it very good that we are looking for an early goal,they can haunt us through counterattacks. So tactically we are already poor,we just lose balls anyhow. I don’t see Malawi progressing to the next stage this afternoon.

    1. Sukunama aise, olo anyoze but we are still Malawians, after all some of the senior players are past their prime, tisakambepo za Essau or Kamwendo amenewa angotsala mayina and they are no longer national material m

  18. I don’t think that this is a vibrant squad that can give us a much awaited win, but let’s give them a benefit of doubt.

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