Mutharika takes ‘whole village’ to UN

Peter Mutharika+Saulos Chilima+Gertrude Mutharika

…delegates spending K33 million per day

…K155 million spent on transport

On the back of economic meltdown which has forced government to cut down on supporting the education sector, Malawi government has sent 111 delegates to the United Nations general assembly meeting in New York to escort President Peter Mutharika to the summit.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika doesn’t care about Malawi’s economic crisis

Information that Malawi24 has uncovered has revealed that the Malawi leader has taken the size of a village with him to the UN with some delegates having had arrived a week ahead of Mutharika’s arrival at the world showpiece in United States.

Media reports have disclosed that Mutharika has taken the party of 111 individuals on the grounds that they all have a part to play in the summit. However, Malawi24 can exclusively reveal that the team that has followed Mutharika has more tourists than officials who are all being funded by Malawian taxes.

“There is no way one would need even 50 officials for the summit, I can tell you that the group is full of travellers that will bring nothing to Malawians except selfies,” said a source who worked at the state house and is conversant with the issues of Presidential travels.

According to investigations that Malawi24 has done, the airfare price from Malawi to New York and viceversa is pegged at about $2,000 (about K1.4 million) for an individual. With a village of 111 tourists that have outnumbered officials, Mutharika’s government has spent about K155 million on transport alone. The money might be much when the cost of Mutharika and his security detail’s transport which is not included in the 111 is factored in.

Local media has reported that Malawi government will be spending $250 (about K140,000) per night for each of the delegates to the UN for accommodation. For 111 people that have been invited to the Mutharika party, Malawi government gets to spend about K16 million per night.

Meanwhile Malawi24 has reports that each of the members of the delegate will be getting a $280 (about K154,000) as an allowance on a daily basis which totals to K17 million for the 111 Malawians that are attending Mutharika’s party in US.

It is said that most of the delegates will spend up to 21 days in the US, with some having arrived in New York prior to the arrival of Mutharika. This means that when all the costs are compounded, Malawians will have to cough over K500 million for the UN meeting.



  1. Shit 33meter a day??? Ppl r wasting kwacha eti??? Ife tikuchita kulemphera kupeza 50ba ya credit… Kupanda free data sitinakaziwayi izi dis world it’s unfair

  2. ALL POOR PEOPLE can’t benefit from government this is even in U S A, R S A ,BOTSWANA,NAMIBIA, U K , FRANCE name it ,there’s always victims all we can do is hard word to build our economy from poor to rich , from Nsanje to Chitipa let Mr president to rule Malawi in his own way

  3. Dont have that tendancy of writting bad stories of the government,,while you know the truth of the action,
    put your trust in peter,,
    he is a strong man,,
    he is doing what a good president would have done,,,
    he is not depending borrowing too much to fix our problem,,

    1. I feel pity for u, maybe u’re not in Mw that u could see all these problems or maybe u’re amongst them coz I don’t think a patriotic citizen can clap hands for this government. Go to the villages, schools, hospitals and see how people are suffering and don’t forget to tell them what u have just said here in their faces..

  4. Hahahaha……ana achimwene you have a Mugabe. In fact he has outdone Mugabe on this one. These goons sure know to bleed the state coffers. Who needs such a big delegation.

  5. Poyamba mumati watenga anthu more than 100 pano mukuti the whole village yet ur list ikusonyeza anthu about 56. Malawi24 journalist which is which?

  6. Mr Chaponda when quizzed said that government sponsored only less than twenty pple and the rest were sponsored by some international organisations, is there any truth in his statement?

  7. Or kt mukukakambilana za 666 kuchta kutengana choncho? Tkudziwa kale kt nkhani yake ndi imeneo kma choti mudziwe God is watching each and every movie.

  8. kuganiza mofoira u should think about our status first Malawi is developing country so osamatengera lifestyle yamaiko olemera inu muli dziko losauka mutiphetsa ndi zi ma bill mukungopereka cholinga chomatolera ndalama matumba a anthu osauka inuso mukungosapota zilizose musiye sitiyika munthu pa mpando kt azinjoya koma athandize mtundu wamalawi umene palipano ukuvutika kwambiri piliz ma rulers inu avoid this

  9. nkhani yake tizkhalila iyi daily2,,,yet palibe chingachtke olo,,,zanu zmenezo muzchedwa ndkuloza zala ena ngat dosh auseryo ikanakhala nthumba mwanu,,,iyaaaaa bola ndkaonele game ya noma ine ndalama ndli nazo,,nane ndkafuna ndlowa USA mundlembenxo apa

  10. APM anati wachepetsa nduna ndipo sayenda ngati Masiteni ndpo timati mudziko mukhala ngati mulibe president,Masiteni zoona mukuti ndi a cashgate koma analiko bwino muzina chitsime chakuya chimaoneka chikaphwa Masiteni zabwino munachitabe

  11. While de MW z strangling wth de economc crisis due 2 selfshness of de previous leadershp z when others r continuing planderng the resource. What does dis implies?

  12. Koma Malawi akupita kuti? Tele anthu amene anawatengawa zithandiza chani kwaifeyo otsalafe? Ngati akabwelako ifeyo tiwinako chani? Ndikulila kwambiri maka ndikamapita kumamidzi nkumaona mme anthu akuzunzik ila ndinjala kusowa madzi abwino, mankhwala muzipatala, koma wina nkumaonga misonkho ya anthu osaukawo nkumatengela anthu akwawo kumakaononga ndalama zoti zikanathandiza kugulila zosowa za anthu kumamidzi. Ndikumva chisoni ndipo amalawi sitinati tivulala naye munthu uyu, akanakhala kuti amaganizila anthu osauka zimenezi sanaenela kupanga, ndipo panopa utanane kuti ameneu siwakumalawi mulandu palibe, mfiti yamunthu.

  13. anachepanso anthuwa y anayiwaRA2nso anthu akumudzi anja anavota aja, isah ndingoona amasuti okha apa aphawi sakwela dege isah si bora kumanga ramba koma abale chocho ndi dziko2 ili.

  14. how can we change our ways of thinking , to you Mr president I gave you my vote and now your disposing yourself out and yet 2019 you want to stand again for presidential candidate ,change is important but not this way I respect you always

    1. POLITICS is like piece of bread it looks wider but thinner ,so we can’t turn MALAWI into develop country when we don’t have strategy ,we need long term plans PRESIDENT MINTHALIKA knows what am talking about , you can’t run country as same as you run your family, now if you look at this about Mr President mistakes we are not helping our nation criticism can never help but doing ,so to you all Malawians learn to adopt situation even if it is waist, I can’t blame the president about this every government made same mistakes ,now u pple only talk what is bad but yet u dont come up with solutions to the problem,IT’S HIGH TIME MALAWIAN HAVE TO WORK NOT MAKE CRITICISM TO THE GOVERNMENT

  15. This is not a good sign of Malawi government, these guys do not think about poor people! Are their? .. Nonsense this guy his flashing this country into the drain he do not even think about poor, and he goes there comes back with empty handed-no business to lift Malawi up.

  16. Anthu Wosewa Zoona A Peter,zoti Inuyo Simkuona Kuti Kwanunkha Ndi Mabvuto Kunja Kuno?.Kutenga Osesa Mnyumba,alonda Etc Akatanikoo.Mmmm Kaya.Azanu Aku Nigeria Atenga Anthu 21 Inu Mpaka Anthu Onsewo.Koma Zoti Mkuwononga Ndalama MUKUDZIWA?

  17. Mwina kumafasa kaya kusiyana kuthamangira ma expenditure koma otherwise let us wait and see what benefit from the trip? any profit from what spent? nthawi zina tiza peza kuti ndarama yomwe tikungosokosa ndi kungo tchura tchura kupeza yiku lowamo morethan ten times phindu lake, plz plz phuma ai tiyeni tifase kaya ndikusa chulusa maboza wowonjezera

    1. Hope U R Not In Mw/ndiwe Mmodzi Amene Umapeza Bwino I Hope So.Lets Talk Of The Present Proalems. Do U C In Hosp,educa,food Crise Etc.Serious Inuyo Ana Mnyumba Akuvutika Basi Kholo Nkutenga Kakhobidi Kosala Nkumwela Mowa,tinene Kuti Zilibwino Pamenepo?Ulendowu Sanalakwitse Koma Tatal No Acompaned Him.Nigeria Yatenga Anthu 21 Basi.

    2. amfumu ndinu amene mukunena zimenezi?mukuziwa kut kwanuko ndekuli mavuto ambiriii nd aphunzitsi angati amene snalandile ndalama zawo kwanuko amfumu?

    3. uyu zikuoneka kuti mutu wake sumaenda, munthu wazeru siungaonelere vuto likuchiti ai? akuchotsa anamwi kumati bomalilibe ndalama nanga ndalama aendera anthu osewazi ndizimene akaononge kumeneko? tinene kuti akuendera zosina ndi azathu aku nigeria atenga anthu 21 wa dzikoso loremera ngati limenero?

    1. eya they dn’t mind kuti billions of kwacha’s has gone in ven jst for so-called goverment officials,they dn’t even hav a heart to help those who are in hosptals in likes of drugs,food,bedings and even in other goverment areas

  18. That is a symbol our president is not ready to Save Malawian who are straggle lack of food and many more” even he force Poor Malawian to pay xool fee at primary level ” just because he want to make them stomach big,nothing benefit for my follow poor Malawian”yes we are in difficult time “Our heavily Father Come & save Innocent ppl in malawi “we lost our hope in this selfish /dectatorship leader “God please remember malawi we are in trouble indeed! !!!!!!!

    1. How he go with 115 while Nigeria only 22″I thought Nigeria are better than Malawi “what Munthalika he trying to tall us

  19. Noone can say no if offered such an opportunity to travel abroad but the ball waz in Mr president’s court to atleast tream the team. I mean others are going on atrip for the sake of going and nat something which wil benefit my poor Anangwale in the village.. Cn we conclude that the money to be wasted is not needed in our hospitals where patients are having ameal per day??? What will achief house keeper be doin there?? #pipopipo

  20. Noone can say no if offered such an opportunity to travel abroad but the ball waz in Mr president’s court to atleast tream the team. I mean others are going on atrip for the sake of going and nat something which wil benefit my poor Anangwale in the village.. Cn we conclude that the money to be wasted is not needed in our hospitals where patients are having ameal per day??? What will achief house keeper be doin there?? #pipopipo

    1. U ryt broh,This triad won’t help us,they poisoned this nation along time ago en they r failing to cure it en its dying hard.

    2. Eeeee2 guys! He promised not to be too mobile when given power yes! But he dint tell us dat sometymz he will be travelling with such huge number of pipo abroad. Lets emulate from Nigeria which is far much betta than us bt has jus sent only few pipo. Malawians are watching come 2019 kaya!

    3. They dont knw kut the present deeds can ruin and build their future. The more they goof the more they create aroom for others . They wil be suprised in 2019 afta being outclassed. Ask PP kuti zinawathera buanj

  21. Dziko.liri m’manja mwa aga…….

    Nde kuli dzikwatituu kumeneko! !! mpaka ma personal Secretary konkooo….
    Akadatengakonso mmodzi ku PSI Malawi.

  22. We cant blame the pressident,,, do you think he is wrong?? Nooo to me ,,,y coz a president does not make decison alone,,, y are you not blaming those who went with him along,,,

  23. We cant blame the pressident,,, do you think he is wrong?? Nooo to me ,,,y coz a president does not make decison alone,,, y are you not blaming those who went with him along,,,

  24. Stupit pitala haedless man, kodi amwalira liti pitalayu panja anamukana Yesutu ameneyu ndichifukwa alimbe nzeru, full of papers but its just toilet papers qualification shame petulo

  25. president wabwino kwambiri,,,ndazkonda zomwe wachitazo,,,,nsima nd ndiwo padoor ndikuphwanya chimozmoz,,,,,palibe akuvutka apa coz peter watenga an2 20 sauzande kupta nawo ku UN dzulo adadinxo anagula nyama kusonyeza tingz are jx okay nde iyaaaaa balongololan szkundkhudza olo wez,,,mpaka 2019 woooooooooooooooooo,,!asafuna asye

  26. Its ur president s decision u. Voted him so relax don’t complain. What u can’t beat we re. Bzy eating chicken here with enjoyable life pa SA country of real politics

  27. Inu nonse omwe mukudzudzula apresident ndinu mbuli zitsilu zokutha ntchito simukuziwa zOmwe mukunena kodi inu a 24 akupasani zA Gate cash Eti? Pachakuti chanucho! kodi mumafuna atakutengani inu Eti?

  28. Malawian we hav problem sitifuna kudekha everything z ok , wat good reader akuwona kutali my lyf love mr president. komanso ngati adawina ali kunja kwaboma ndizovuta kuluza ali m’boma DDP woyeeeeeeee

  29. School imangochotsa umbuli koma uchitsiru umatsalira thats true mr #PRESDENT is wasting money 4 nothing but he said he has abandoned #JCE certficate simpry bcoz it cost almost #20 million onry #mbuzi!!

  30. Aaa Malawi basi m’madzi atsogoleri alero ali kark . Muzichotsa anthu pang’ono pang’ono azipita maiko ena tachuluka .delively yachiwili anthu 150 mukawasiye ku kenya 200 kwanu ku zimbabwe naye abale anu Mugabe akayese zomwe mukuchitazo. Malawi wakumoto

  31. Peter is the man who taking Malawi,to paradise, what kind of dominion that dwindlising everything from education to economy,everything is worse,shit mutalika he’s losing a sense now by abolishing a standard 8 and form 2 certificate of education, that is madness

  32. Zamanyi eyt mexa anthu 20 ndiamene boma lawalipilira- The lest ndianthu amma NGO! Kkk mumafulumira kulankhula musanapange kafukufuku! Mmalo momanga mukupasulatu apa!

  33. Wasowa nazo tnchito ndalamazo mpaka anthu 11 onsewo achani nawo moti apange zoti athandize pa nkhani za chuma monga nzipatala mukufunika mankhwala komanso feteleza wa makuponi nthawi ino alimi ambiri asososa kale akudikira mvula coz mulungu si munthu nthawi ina iliyonse ikhoza kubwera .

  34. gyz alipotu ambili ndziko muno oganiza ngati chulewa muwone ena akumubakira ndithu kukhala ngati wachita zabwino anthu akumwalira muzipatala enanso ndiomwe adawononga voti yawo kuti iye adzitumbwa chonchi but he dont care

  35. Khokhokho! Malume Dyton mwalakhula mawu koma mavuto amenewa atithela liti?? Galu ameneyu akutizuza mtundu wa malawi


  37. eee mwaonjedza a presdent ineyo ndiokhumudwa kwa omwe ali nchipatala mankhwala kulibe akuchita kumagula okha ma pvt pharmacy kodi nanga amene ali wosowa nde afa nthawi yawo isanakwane chonde a president dziko likupita kt chilichonse chokwera ntengo nde kumatenga anthu 100 onsewo alandire ma allowance iisssh zovuta nde patakwane zaka 4 tidya dothi

  38. eee mwaonjedza a presdent ineyo ndiokhumudwa kwa omwe ali nchipatala mankhwala kulibe akuchita kumagula okha ma pvt pharmacy kodi nanga amene ali wosowa nde afa nthawi yawo isanakwane chonde a president dziko likupita kt chilichonse chokwera ntengo nde kumatenga anthu 100 onsewo alandire ma allowance iisssh zovuta nde patakwane zaka 4 tidya dothi

  39. msanayambe ulendowo ganizirani a Malawi ali kulandela Linda wa south Africa please kulimavuto thandizani eni andalamazo

  40. Njiru nde yakula!! mumafuna munakakhala inu? mesa aliyense kumeneko wapitirako ntchito yake chomwe munayenera kuchita poyamba ndikuona kaye kuti kodi aliyense waiwo akachita chani kumeneko or are u jst blaming the number kapena activities they are to participate???…OOH Malawi 24-untrusted,invalid,self political socialists,pure propagandic source of information…

    1. ukakhala wa DPP, sikuthauza kuti muzingowombera m’manja zilizonse man, can’t u c Francis for urself what is happening in ur country coz of poor governing

  41. I don’t see any problem to take 100 people to UN .The economic problems started way back during atsamunda, mutharika has just inherite from atsamunda dont blame our beloved president .DPP WOYEE

  42. Akulephela kwathandiza anthu amene adamugwilila ntchito yomuchotsa kundata kuja kuika pampando ndalama kumangothela anthu olemela kale pamene anthu ankhani nkhani mziko muno akuvutika. kodi ana aja adakuvutikilani aja pano mwathandizako chani poti tikumawonanso akungoyenda wapansi kumavutika ngatinso ife tomw? mukapitiliza tidzakuulani poti komwe mumapita ife tidakudziwako

  43. *Ali ngat mamuna yemwe wafunsila mkazi nd cholinga chofuna kumu user basi *munthu ophunzra kwambr koma maphunzro ake sakumupindulra *president opepela kwambr yemwe sakuzindkra mavuto a dziko lomwe akulitsogolera *ali ngat driver yemwe akuendetsa galimoto koma komwe akupita osakukudziwa *president emwe akpanga ma reforms pofuna ku save ndalama koma osaona mavuto omwe angaze pama reformswo ¤there4 ndazindkira kut peter muthalika bola joyce banda pazifukwa izi 1.amalandla half ya salary yake pozindkira mavuto achuma adziko lake 2.anaba ndalama koma anapanga kuthekela kot ena mwa omwe anaba ndalamazo amangidwe pomwe 90 billion anaba a DPP palbe even suspect

  44. Anyamata a patsidya pa Zimbabwe kuzuza Nyasaland. Zidzukulu za Mugabe mumati angatani? Half billion kungoiponya mmadzi anthu ndikumafa ndi njala. Shem Mr President Peter Muthalika.

  45. Sikoyamba amalawi, kamuzu amatenga mbumba ndi nyau kukavina pamaso pa queen , muluzi amatenga mafumu ndi mashehe ngakhalenso azimwalimu ndi angalba omwe ulendo nawo kunja, jb amatenga azimayi amandasi andi ophika kachaso kuphatikizapo mafumu akuzomba ulendonawo ku newyork komweko. Chakwela akazawina nyaunso zizakwela ndege ulendo waku newyork. Apa chachilendo palibe. Malawi limbika pabanjalako kuti uchepetse umphawi wako, iwo zawo zinayenda kale. Sindinatukwanetu kapena kunyoza

    1. zoona man….. its not the first time… and list yamene apita sporsod by boma ilikut they are talking and mungleling on gossips…. Malawi ur life is in ur Hand not in Hands of Peter grow up

  46. Akuti ndikut! akuti sanagwilise nchito ndalama za boma #mbuli za school ndizimezi they dont think lyk leaders but they think lyk i dont kno what to say #stupid #childish MALAWI sazathekaso machuluka uchitsilu ndikusaganiza

  47. kodi bwanji athunu mongokamba zaulendo walakwanji president ndalama zomwe ayenderazo ndi misonkho yathu kapena mumafuna ngati za cashgate zachibisira osamuda peter thawi ndiyake anjoye zosiyirana

  48. this is total oppression to alot of malawians and dats simply means we are back to kamuzu’s regime,guy can u consider the way pple are suffering in different villages searching 4 mane and yet ur are taking alot of pple to UN ur raising their xul fees do u thnk malawi akhala ophunzira?aa guy dont be greed love ur malawians kumatiganizilako

  49. kupita athu ambiri sikulakwa akukatenga zeru zozama zomwe apresident sangathe kutenga ndi athu ochepa komaso akudziwa chomwe akupanga 2019 tiyeni tidzavoteleni emweyu

  50. Amatero Mulungu Pofuna Kunkhaulitsa Zitsiru. Anthu Amenewa Onse Ndiwakuba Mwaiwala Kale Kuti Malemu Anja Adaba Makobidi Osasimbika.Tawonani Chiloweleni Mboma Wakwanitsa Kupeza Wamkazi Ndkuwononga Katundu Wadziko Kaye Tiwonela Limodzi Ndiamenewa A Peter .

  51. amalawi timati tapeza mtsogoleli wabwino kma ai izanyanya kwambiri.Pano chilichonse chavuta kuno kwathu kumalawi.Kwawa ndikamati kma tifika 2019 ife mr pita ingovomerani kt malephera kulama dzio lanthuli basi osati kulitsambula ai.paja mmati amaiwa awononga ndalama kma tawona kt inu mr pita maojeza kwabasi

  52. Alukhu awa. Mzeru alibe. Angotenga oingisa ntchentche kumapita nawo kumeneko. Matama ndiye azikati mutithandize kuzolowela kupempha. Ndiye wina chibwano chili gwaa amveke achita kuthandizidwa zonama. Tionetseni evidence yoti anthu amenewo achita kuthandizidwa. Anthu osamva inu.

  53. dziko lino likulephela kutukuka chifukwa cha atsogoleri osaganizila za amphawi, mr president muzifunsa kaye musanapange zinthu, ndalama zomwe mwaolelanazo zikanathandiza ntchito zina za chitukuko. MWAIYIPUTAYI NDI PEOPLEGATE

  54. mk17 malipiro koma aliyense azikalandira mk154,000?nde mmaithatu nanunso bodzatu limadziwoka ngakhale polemba.Asiyeni anthu akadye MONEY.Inuyo mukanakana?????????

  55. malawi had never experienced this but malawians if someome is operating his company he has a final say follow the leader

  56. Achuluka kwambiri Mr President..inu monga simumgangomva kulemela kwa nambalayo!!!??mpaka one hundred!!!!!! and eleven!!! And aliyense apatsidwe ma allowance oti azikawona mmene achitire ku dziko la anthu a khungu loyera..Malawiyi alimba mukamatero!!!?it is my appeal to NGO’S and all concerned parties,pliz stop the President frm doin this otherwise Mw wil kip on bein bankrupt..

  57. eeee Zimene mukumakambirana ku nyumba yamalamulozo ife zizikutibanda inu zoti ndalama zinabedwa mukuziwa ndipo enasimunawamange kaya mukuwaopa lero mabunge akukaniza chithumba chao mwayamba kukweza xool feez kulipilisa primary xool,tanganizani osauka kumudzi angwira mtengo wanji Zaulendozo ife musatiparemkamwa koma dandauloli likafike koyenera MAvutowa abwera coz of cashgate mumange kaye onse okhuzidwao

  58. is this being reasonable? and wher r u mumazitcha amabungwenu wher r u opposition parties u co ur self those nasty names without acting. zili phwiii komwe ziliko ngat akuzimeta can’t u see anything to act on other than jst to say aword . sinduona chokhalira ndi amabungwe ndi osusa its better mugawane zida mxeeiiiii

  59. Amalawife kusekelera zopusa ,mavuto awa ndi mpaka 2024 cz 2019 azabelanso ,,,izi ndi mbava basi,,ngati anabela chisankho zingavute kuba ndalama?

  60. Aaaaa inetu ndichifukwa ndinachokako ndizabwela ndikazava kuti wasiya kulamulila Pitala ,cz sakunganizila za mavuto adziko lake bolaso Ami osati izi aaaaa zopusa

  61. Leopard can not change in to support ….madzi sayiwala khwawo zimene ankachita nkulu wake ndeinuyo mumati atenga njila itiyo yawulamulilo ndiyomweyo ya wu dictator ship ruling don’t cry my fellow malawian your vote pays back

  62. dis is nt fair mr president…mutilimbisira moyo mma university anthu n o oda education sectors…uku mukupwekesa wa anthu ochepa…indid pple in positions rily mek rules n regulations for thea gud n safety only…ndakwiya nanu coz we r sufferin here

  63. Tsoka kwa inu ovota pukuti munakonda zadziko lapasi munasiya kumukonda yehova lelo ndizimenezi tikuvutika kamba ka zala zanu zolumala inu athu ovota muziona ponyika chala chanu muikiwaboma?????

  64. Koma a Malawi mwatani mukuongoonenelera ndalama zikusakadzidwa chonchi,pomwe anthu mmamidzimu akuvutika kusowa la mchere???

  65. To Hell Peter,mukuononga Ndalama Miyoyo Ikuvutika,mukamwalila Mukakhala Nazo Panjila Ndalamazo Simukafika Ngati Mulungu Ali Yemweyu.

  66. Tinkanena anathera musizi,,,,, chomwe amalawi angadziwe ndichakuti uyu simunthu,,,, uyu sitsogoreli chimunthuchi,,, ndichilombo ndichoipa,, apa ndipamene amalawi angadziwire kuti munthu amene umamukonda ndi muthu yemwe sakukonda olopang’onopomwe………….Uyu akuyenera mutchidwa basiiiiiiiiiiiii

  67. Ndi ufumu wa Yesu khristu wokha udzakwanitse kupanga saticify everybody,kaamba Uzakhala wachilungamo,ine sindikudabwa izi,zikuyenera zichitike basi,mwana wamulungu adze nsanga,koma musayembekezere kuti kuzabwera msogoreri amene adzakusogolereni mokukondweretsani,mpaka ufumu wa ”Yesu”(mwana wankhosa ophedwa kaamba ka zochimwa zathu)ubwere,kodi mulorera tivutike pansi pano kumwamba tikavutikenso??tiyeni amalawi #tikonze_miyoyo_yathu,Yesu ali kuza posachedwa.

  68. 111 people for what just to sepand we’re monery serlfish there when were daering is this what u call good aaaa lot of monery guys is it what u voted for

  69. Guys kumalawiko plz pangani chotheka kuti bro amenewa asowe basi ngati mene zinakhalalira brother wake just imagine dziko ibweleleso ngati kale eishiiii angofa basi tchelani ndege yake pobwelera ulendo wakewo asowe.

  70. yea yea @guta true malawi ikudxiwika ku southern africa kokha maiko oculuka samaiziwadi nthawi yao ayende basi

  71. 115 people for what mmalo mwa 6 money koma akuti akupepha anthu akufuna kwabwino atithandize njala ine sindingapereke osatumiza VP kaya

  72. petulo,u r an idiot with your friends,malawians are suffering wena busy on a spending spree ndi zibwenzi zako!!nkhope yonyasayo kuposa mkulu wako.watchout bro

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  78. Pa easy guys two yrs muonekuti pakhala zotani koma Chachikulu Try to develop your life as an indvidual don’t take much tension lets relax &runn up our bussineses to change is aproccess guys.

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  81. mbendera analira Kale he Knew by then tht this is wat will Follow.this government has Created thea on Taxes In order For them to syphon money. This will continue to happen as long as we r ruled by thoz we ddnt vote for

  82. Mesa mumkafuna chimanga ndichimenecho !!!!!! Ndimangodandaula ndinachilakwila chala change Zoseezi ndimbuzi zaanthu apakungolowa ntchile bas ndatopa ndikulila .kd afiti munatha?mukungoyang,ana mukubeledwa

  83. Whn u,re working,if u,re nt satisfied with de work umagoisiya mkukayamba kwina amene sizikumukondayo y can,t u jst leave,musiyeni ali ndi zolinga potelopa olo akanatenga 300pple dzikoli silovutika bt we pple so he is a head of state he mst do whatever he can,thanx

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  89. When the first Jesuit pope is adressing the UN joint assembly for the first time< what would you expect? Time to open your eyes and see who really runs this world. When the boss calls,your simple needs dont matter. Time is running out guys,and it will get worse.......

  90. Amid a retraction of nursing placements due to budgetary constraints, amid a plea to foreign donors to fund emergency relief efforts due to last year’s floods, amid a looming ‘hungry season’, amid ongoing Cashgate investigations in which millions of dollars in desperately needed funds were pilfered, and yet one of the rare times that I’ve seen people get angry was when there was a sugar shortage in 2012.

  91. Don’t Worry, Amalawi Zinthu Zatani??? Zasithaaaa. UDF Moto-moto. Athu Ena Omweapita Nawo Ku USA Anapepha Kut Akawoneko Coz Analiasanawoneko.

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  101. State House is further informing the public that UN Women has sponsored women from all over the World to attend the UNGA in order for these women to understand the concept of He4She Campaign, the UNFPA has also sponsored some youths to the General Assembly to mediate and share common knowledge on the youth empowerment in the Strategic Development Goals.
    Othervarious NGOs in the promotion of Human Rights, Gender and protection of women and children against all violence towards the vulnerable groups have also sponsored attendance of women,youth and other human rights defenders across the global and Malawi is not spared.

    – State House.

  102. Kd mesa anthu amati dziko liziyenda bwino likamalamulidwa ndi ma professor ameneyo aononga dola chonchi ndi ma Dr ngt mbava imeneyo azipita kundata kwa mmbale wake uja basi atisiya padzuwa mulomwei guys

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  104. Tinavomereza kuti “we are in secular state” palibe vuto pamenepa go and search the meaning of secular. Tikanakhala mu “God fear nation” sibweza zoterezi zikuchitika coz bwenzi aliyense akudziwa kuti Mulunguyo akutiona. Ndipo wopwanya Malamulo a Mulungu bwenzi akulandila chilango chochokera kwa Mulunguyo koma to the democracy Muthalika is exercising his power. Lets Establish GOD fear state rather than secular state in the name of democracy. Tilimo a Zipembedzo ziwiri a christu mukhoza kuyamba ngati malamulo oyendetsera dziko muli nawo ndipo asilamu may give support, koma ngati malamulo mulibe Asilamu lamulani dzikoli and christians give them support, koma nonse asilamu ndi achristu simungakhale mulibe malamulo oyendetsera dziko

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  110. Nkhaniyi i think ndiyaboza or else chizungulire chamuvuta yemwe walemba zimenezi wati azikalandila mk17 ndye kuona palibetu pamenepa. Wina wake watchula ma ministers amene afika ku nsonkhanoko koma iweyo zakukanika kutchula mayina a anthu 111. Why cant you just accept this problem we have here in AFRICA coz most of AFRICAN LEADERS akupanga zimenezi. Kodi mukuganiza kuti MULUNGU sakuona mavuto athu kuno ku Africa? God gave us 2 ears to hear alot nd 1 mouth to speak less. Anthu opanda chikhulupiliro mungolalata apa ena kutukwana kumene for wat? Amalawi tizakhala ongolira mpaka liti? Zinthu sizikuyenda bwino yes ziko silikuyendesedwa bwino mmene mumaganizira munavota nokha mukuliranji nanga? Mwanji simunkaziwa kuti ndale zili choncho in these last dayz? why dont you keep ur mouth shut nd mind on ur own business. Upindulanji or uoneke dolo oziwa kulankhula apa yet you cant evn solve ur own problem. GOD BLESS OUR LAND OF MALAWI KEEP IT A LAND OF PEACE….

  111. Aaaa president akudya money ndipo ndi zomwe anthu amafuna. I wish them all the best although many pple are suffering. Oh God deliver us