‘GOD will never never perform a miracle just to meet some ego’ – Hastings Salanje

Pastor Hasting Salanje

Good evening friends, God will never never perform any miracle that will not meet any need. Is the need that will push God to perform a miracle.

Pastor Hasting Salanje
‘GOD will never never perform a miracle just to meet some ego’

GOD will never never perform a miracle just to meet some ego, when you see people claiming to have performed a miracle from God, then first check what is the need for that miracle.

GOD opened the red Sea because the Israelites were many hence there could be no boat to help them cross the sea.

Jesus walked on water because the disciples were under heavy storm and there could be no other way for Jesus to go there and help rather than walk on water.

I can go on but time, so becareful with God, you must not put God in the things that he is not, God is not respecter of persons, what ever you sow today you will surely reap.

I have seen people loosing their calling because of mixing the cross with other things.

Salvation was bought with the high price, the blood of Jesus, and for that, God will never compromise it.

Do not put God in the things that he is not, do not lie in the name of God, do not misuse the name of God as he will not take it lightly.

So if you are hungry for miracles, then check what is the need for that miracle , God will never do things just to make you feel good, or to prove a point .

MEN OF GOD are grounded today because of trying God, so becareful, the journey is too long and time will judge.
May God give you a spirit to see what is from him and what is not. Amen

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  2. Oh ALLAH Lipangeni pepho langa kukhala lopindula ndiloyankhidwa Oh Allah muonongeni president wadziko la Malawi yemwe ndi peter muthalika adayankhula monyoza kuti mulungu sangapange mamiracles Oh Allah mupaseni chilango chowawa pasanathe 10days komamso pamapeto pake adzafe imfa yonyozeka ngati Ya Faraoh komanso ngati yam’balewake Bingu wamuthalika Oh Allah chonde peter muthalika Ulendo wake opita kunja Usatheke mpakana atakumana ndi mavuto akulu AMEEN

  3. what about all those cars u show off and u say God is giving u.Wat are all those for anyway.Isn’t it ego imene mukuyikambayo?Can’t we say God is meeting your ego?I’m neither for or against anybody koma its good to remove 1st the rod tht is in ur eye b4 u try to remove tht which is in ur brother

    1. I like this one! lmao! Bushiri wamupitirira ndi ma ego. Malawi has 52% of people living below poverty line-umphawi wosaneneka. Koma these two et al. have never ever gone to remit back in terms of helping street kids or ma fees a ma students ku university in form of bursaries. The cars they hire, planes, security could be reduced a bit and take a tenth of that to assist in hospitals-ku Ntchisi (Salanje) or Mzuzu (Bushiri).

  4. pastor for the very first time in my life i have believed you to day indeed pastor’s of nowdays they claime to have power to perfom mirracle and i wonder how they got their power is it from God or underworld?though the bible says we shouldnt judge but pena zikumadabwxa

  5. Nyc words Salanje, plz go and tell that idiotic pastor in Pretoria (RSA) to stop feeding people with live snakes, rats, petrol and kapinga in jesus name, thats not Godly miracle

  6. Nowadays many think that to be called a Pastor is out of fashion but Prophet. People want to hear messages of getting rich & have alot of money, own a acar, cured from illness, job promotions, getting married & many more world things. Thats why people are flocking to these so called men of God not to worship but for personal gains. There are very few Prophets who teaches about salvation.

    1. Get it all together we Worship for gain; Worship is a surrender knowing God will take care of you in everything! dont mix the love of material things and the love that God has for His people. a believer has to know God is in control of his/her life.

  7. As an ordinary person, I think we could do well spending our energies in cleansing our lives to get closer to God than on debating as to who is who in terms of being a true servant of God.

  8. Who says Salanje is speaking against Bushiri. The post suggests he is backing him. For example he took a pic via a ipad in spirit coz he claimed he lacked words to describe the child of the miracle beneficiary. So ipad came handy when human language eluded him. Isn’t this analogous to the Red sea crossing or Jesus walking in water for lack of ordinary way?

  9. Onsewa ndi mbala, anacokeranji Salenje ku Malawi kuno? Mmesa anakanganitsa anthu bcz sanawapatse ndalama zokwanira,atanamixira kupanga milakuli mpaka bungwe la axibusa linacita kumuuza kuti sali ololedwa,

  10. Ndizoona,ma miracles amunthawi ya kale sanali opanda cholinga koma izi zikuchitika motsogoleledwa ndi satana muwerenge 2 atessalonika 2v9-12 kuti mumvetse koma popeza mulungu wamunthawi yino yemwe ndisatana wakuchititsani khungu m’maganizo anu kuti musathe kubvomeleza kuti mukusocheletsedwa welengani 2 akorinto 4v4, komanso muzifunse kuti mosse ataponya ndodo yake paso pa faraoh ndikusanduka njoka mothandizidwa ndi Yehova kodi nayenso Satana sanathandize amatsenga a farao kusandusa ndondo zawonso njoka? ndiye pomwe simukumvetsa ndipati?

  11. this is very true some other miracles you put ? is it really from God or some where else zikuonjeza and the miracles are not helpful its like drama pls God cannot be mocked

  12. Salanje ddnt raed bout the gifts of the Holy spirit in d bible, dat to some the gift of prophecy is given, to some the gift of interpretation of tongues and to sam the gift of performing miracles?, if u dnt hav any of dis plz shut up! Idiotic idiot

    1. to all of u.You are using angry words here,I blv the bible also talks about the fruit of the spirit in Gal 6:22.Writin angry words does nt show any manifestation of those fruits.If u want to argue based on the bible,just argue the way it is.Not using angry words like “idiotic idiot” or “fool”

  13. Pachikuto cha baibulo analemba kuti “Buku lo patulika ndilo mawu amulungu”Mulungu anena masiku ano.Sindimakhulupilira anenerj amasiku ano ongofuna kulemera mzina la Yehova.

  14. If you say that miracle is not from God then do what is from God.if one is natured in miracle he became a miracle and every step foward is a miracle.a miracle is a sign of God’s presence in His word.let the miracle worker do miracles to convince people to convert them to the kingdom of God.

    1. if i may ask u,who is the false prophet or pastor? every miracle that GOD performs has a purpose, i have said it is there to convert people to christ

    2. if a false prophet,pastor,evangelist,apostle,or teacher rise know that false christians are risen aswel. the sheep of Christ hear the voice of Christ.if you cant hear God in His servant then you are a false Christian.

    3. Nobody is denying that God works miracles bt not all miracles r from God..i wud rather be muvd by the word of God than that which am not sure welther its diabolical or devine

    4. Bwana victor Bilima, tawerenganinso zimene pastor salanje alemba.zikuoneka kuti simunamve bwino zimene iwo alemba malingana ndi ndemanga zimene mukulemba inuyo apapa.Bible limati anthu adzakhala akuchita zodabwitsa mu dzina langa (God’s name that is) ndiye Abusa a salanje akungokumbutsa komanso kuchenjeza.

    5. Bwana victor Bilima, tawerenganinso zimene pastor salanje alemba.zikuoneka kuti simunamve bwino zimene iwo alemba malingana ndi ndemanga zimene mukulemba inuyo apapa.Bible limati anthu adzakhala akuchita zodabwitsa mu dzina langa (God’s name that is) ndiye Abusa a salanje akungokumbutsa komanso kuchenjeza.

    6. guys salanje is busy criticizing bushiri, yet ther all in the same shoes.,,what the heck!.. Idnt trust thz two..salanje is always busy bragn’ bwt money,,cars, and mansions,, Bushr Is bzy wth hz miracles. thngs tht wl tek us nowhere…

    7. Salanje wakambapo za Bushiri apa? what makes you think that he is criticizing Bushiri munthu oti sanatchule dzina? mudzimvetsetsa nkhani musanapange comment iwe Ruthie Khloe Nyamizinga,He is talking about miracles in general that we have to be careful,because it’s not all miracles that are from God because God never preform miracles without a purpose which is very true. That what he is saying here,osamawononga nkhani.

  15. Of course there were no boats that’s why he Opened for them the parts.and if he wanted he would’ve made boats for them,we can’t doubt and estimate the power of God.

  16. i’m not Pastor salanje’s member,.and i dont follow him..koma izizi akunena apazi ndikubvomerezadi..ma miracles ena a lero thy made in China,.nanga ipad ipindurira ndani ku moyo wauzimu,.kudyetsa anthu njoka aaaah,. Mr Salanje ur 100% correct

  17. There is no God performing miracles here this Salanje criminal is using God’s name to steal gullible people’s money here in South Africa.To hell with him.

    1. salanje and bushiri are al in the same shoes! hz criticzng bushiri 4 hz useles miracles.,yet hm too brags alot abwt hz wealth(cars,mansions,money) thngs that wl take us nowhere!…

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