Man of Beer challenges Prophet Bushiri: Captures two crates of Carlsberg

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

A video circulating on Facebook showing ‘a Man of Beer’ giving a spectacular reenactment of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s controversial iPad prophecy has gone viral.

The 43 seconds video, a hot cake on the social media, opens a can of worms into the authenticity of the iPad Prophecy which Bushiri performed in April this year.

In the video, the middle-aged man being referred to as the Man of Beer, a parody of Bushiri’s self-anointed title as ‘the man of god’, captures two crates of Carlsberg beer to the amusement of his colleagues in the parked car.

Despite many people reenacting the act which Bushiri refers to as ‘capturing in the spirit’, the self anointed prophet maintains that his was an authentic prophecy.

Questions into the authenticity of the ipad prophecy started when another video emerged on the social media showing how Bushiri faked the prophecy by opening the iPad roll (image galley).

Another man has performed the ‘walking-in-the-air’ trick just like the Bushiri levitation trick commonly performed by renowned magicians like Dynamo and Criss Angel. Watch the video below of the man walking in the air.

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  1. Ndidzapanga nawo mawa mmamawa cha ku mmawamawa poti pano kukadali mmawa.

    1. me too kungosekako…..kkkk mzowopsa zedi mmeezi mwamva

  2. Let the devil pay Papa bill of advertising him coz the more you talk about him the more alot of people know papa and get saved. we are moving from Glory to another Glory and we are taking over. In class we discuss a topic which means papa is a topic. After all the Bible tell us that the world is waiting for the manifestation of sons and doughtors of God. Major Major Major!!!! My papa . ECG Lilongwe Loves you. Major only one!!!!!!! Touch not my annointed and do no harm to my prophet Major one!!!! yooooooh.

  3. Mpaka @prophet kusanduka “father”. Please!!! Why blaspheme poyelayela. In times of the laws and prophets I never read anywhere something like “major prophet isiah”, or number one prophet jeremiah or minor prophet Amos. A prophet was a prophet basi no prefix. Some of these things now border on pride and vanity. But anyway, let it be so as it is. Tiphunzilapo zambiri

  4. Leave the man of God Bushiri alone.there are worse things happening in this world which we all must fight against. Others have truly been blessed through their association with this man. Lets focus on other issues that are destroying our society.

    1. Iwe aise cant you open your eyes and ask some questions? Anthu ake ati amene adalitsidwawo? This man is a con artist. Mulitu ndi tsoka inu amene mukumuikila Bushiri kumbuyo. How can you call him Father man. Father alipo modzi yekha ndiye Yehova.

    2. Patrick Kupaza u r right…if we sld focus on other things that r destroying our society as Leonard Chisale puts it, isn’t this crookery by Bushiri destroying people’s chance to salvation? no need kumuyikira kumbuyo Bushiri. Zomwe akuchita iyeyuzi nde zoipitsitsa chifukwa zikutengera anthu ngati Leonardyu ku chionongeko.Kodi zoipa za Bushiri ziyeretsedwe simply coz pali zoipa zina? kodi munthu wodzadzidwa ndi mzimu woyera angamapangenso za chinyengo? Open your eyes you worshippers of men……

  5. When will people ever learn? Afraid to speak against a con man to the point of calling him “Major 1”? No wonder he tried to get away with the iPad trick because he knows people are that stupid…

    1. What matters is(when posting these discussions whom do you pliz?)Don’t waste your energy on what will not help you,be positive do what will help you and others to serve God.

  6. Our security wasnt serious; someone who works with the ‘the guys’ had login details to cpanel and overlooked the need to change the password

  7. Timoteo Kailedzi i don kno if u get my point…an action z nt a miracle on its own merit…its the authority tht matter…example egyptians turned a stick to snake using évolue (magic). Moses changed his stick to snake using god (miracle). Same action can b many things depending on authority behind action. In thx particular case u hav said thé clip z using a trick, tht s exactly wat t z, a trick. But u may
    come across similar action (clip) powered by god call tht a miracle

    1. many does magic and tricks in the name of God and the focus comes back to them,, look how many calls Bushiri Father instead of God,, how many defend him instead of God?? read the Story Here.. one like ur father Bushire…Acts 8:9-24New International Version (NIV)

      Simon the Sorcerer
      Acts 8:9 Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10 and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.”

    2. Many do magic n the name of God, true. Thé qn z bushiri one of them , no. Wat proof du have. Paul called Onesmus son (tel me if u require verse) nuthn wrong calling him father. Simon quoted here was a sorcerer bushiri z a prophet (tel me if u require me to explain the d/f)

    3. Fundo Afemc Mbewe if u kno anybdy who did tht, i agree it z not….like thé clip abov z nt…But i also kno of another clip by major 1, the photo was nt oredy in thé phone , thts a miracle

    4. how the heck do u knw that it was not in the pad? anakuonesa kale? and amati sanamuuze dzinakoma wa dred amati Spiwe.. and major wanu amati wife wauja koma wadred amati ayi its my fience’ hehe a major azungizika mutu ndi ma tricks.. shame on u and all his followers.. Afana

    5. Timoteo Kailedzi anadionetsa kut mulibe pic? Ayi! Inu anakuonesani kuti ilimo? If the basis has to b major showing us whether pic z in iPad or nt, physically none of us has enough ground…but c, this far we discussing on faith or belief, ur lack of faith leads u to ur conclusion …my faith z stronger than ur lack of faith thts why lukn at the same thng wé gettin d/f conclusions

    6. Timoteo Kailedzi don go too quick…don luk at mafuso, luk at thé basis…the basis z unbelief in the miracle… My take z i hav so much belief oredy to hav any such qns…am way too far gone

    7. i dont have to believe in a miracle.. expecialy if it looks so fake.. and with no biblical basis.. ibelieve in God who do miracles everyday.. ndadzuka apapa its a miracle.. these Bushiri’s fake stuf to have more blind folowers .. search the Bible u wil c ..

    8. God does – true. Does he use ppo sometimes? Yes, he used peter shadow to heal the sik, used elisha to raise the widow’s son, used bushiri’s ipad to capture a photo…blind follower amakhala opanda basis…I hav a basis for following and tht basis is God’s presnce in our ministry(sory am nt a blind follower)… Avo Kado wher u at

    9. Timoteo Kailedzi wise advice just tht i started following tht advice way bak… I respect tht God z using ppo to minister to my lyf…tht doesnt mean i ain trustin God

    10. Dzulo hé walked in the air was watchin live…domoka koma i hop sizinalowe personal kut mpana misozi asamalile @dj tigah @ Timoteo Kailedzi

    11. kuuluka kale timakutchula ufiti??zasitha liti?? what purpose did the flyin served? i watched the clip just showed miyendo yokha and ati ndi kwao ku jon.. live yake munena ndi iti man?

  8. Timoteo Kailedzi miracle z nt any action…miracle z the authority…if all z in the natural ts natural act…if powered by evil its magic…if frm God its a miracle…thé clip z nt revealing tht pat

    1. its capturing komatu.. its an ipad .. ther is no evil in ipads.. but tricks only.. and kumunamizila mulungu its a sin.. mwina simudziwa

    2. Fundo Afemc Mbewe some things ain worth defending – true. Major prophet z just not one of them. Mindset change needed? – not at all…I used to b damn i had to change to blivn him i don nid no further changes

    3. do you tell me that video clip really shows what a ‘capture in Spirit’ is? We all kno that was not taken directly from the camera, it was rather a stored image which was captured b4 the capturing in Spirit.

    4. Kkkkkk u are a funny kid ase, and from that I can conclude to say you are very much obsessed with this pastor of yours… Your funeral, just wanted to make u see dat it wasnt capturin in Spirit as it were supposed to be coz u cant say u are capturin someone wen actualy u r just bringing into view some already captured ting

    5. Nw i kno u don c thngz the ryt way…am nt a kid by all standards, google me… I wont even waste my tym wit u i thot u wud b cuming up wit points nt insults. Shame Fundo Afemc Mbewe

  9. Malawi24 tinakusowani heavy, nkhani ndiyoti a Bushiri tadziwa asazivutise ndi ma crusade awo abodzawo.

  10. Inu a Malawi24, I understand you’re upgrading your website, that’s why we’re having problems accessing it. Pangani mwachangu, timakudalirani when it comes to gathering the latest news. Komanso you should advise your reporters to proof read their stories before posting them, to avoid obvious grammatical errors. All the best as you do the renovations to your site!!!!


  12. Zasiyana pati ndi mbatata iyi akuitcha kuti bushit kaya ndakhonza kaya bolanso man of beer galu bushil

  13. The Man Posed as a Father of a Captured spiritual son is Siphiwe Tshabalala the South African Footballer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on Devil!!!!! Theft by Trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. JESUS CHRIST said”whoever is not against us,is one of us”.If prophet Bushiri is preaching about JESUS CHRIST is one of us and whatever mistakes he is making, he will be judged by JEHOVA God not us.

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