iPadgate! Prophet Bushiri hits back: ‘I didn’t use my iPad to capture the prophecy’

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Malawi Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has hit back at people attacking him over the iPadgate prophecy as more members of the public join in to accuse the controversial man of ‘God’ of staging his prophecies. Bushiri maintains that the prophecy he captured using an iPad was authentic.

In the controversial footage, entitled Supernatural Capturing Photos in the Spirit – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’ which was first posted on the Prophet’s YouTube channel in April but deleted after a shower of negative comments that branded him a fake prophet, Bushiri claims to capture using an iPad a congregant’s son who he claims needs prayers.

However, some observers with an eye of the eagle managed to dig the video and have now cornered Bushiri by showing how the alleged iPad prophecy was staged.

Using the moniker, Exposing Staged Miracles, the anonymous person claims: “When you look closely, Bushiri double taps his right thumb to open the camera roll (the image galley) on the iPad and the image preview as he taps is that of the same Child”.

But the self-acclaimed man of God who could not hold his temper, posted on his Facebook page the same video with a caption “A wise man once said NOTHING”, a caption most Facebook users deem as defence for his ‘prophecy’ which has now been declared ‘fake’ by hundreds of thousands on the social network.

In the video on his Facebook page, Bushiri claims that since the iPad he used “to capture the prophecy” belongs to a member of his congregation, it follows that the prophecy  he captured was authentic and not staged.

Meanwhile, Ralph Kasambara who a suspect in the cashgate scandal and attempted murder of former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo has defended Bushiri by advising people not to be too quick in declaring the pulpit master as a false prophet.

“For all those that are blindly joining in the so called iPad joke, I suggest you read Luke 6 verses 36 and 37.” said Kasambara.

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  1. Man of GOD continue bringing lost souls to Jesus Christ, all this noise is a sign that the devil is under panic. May the good lord forgive and bless us all.

  2. Bushiri .if you are anointed by GOD almighty why worrying about those ppo. I think you read bible ,did you hear any word from the bible that Jesuse went through revenge on those they were hurting him?did you hear that Jesus used any lawyer to defend him?so if you believe yourself that what you do is from GOD stop worrying about ppo.but if you keep on going against them,then we gona have a proof that you are on bussines. Every prophate that come on earth went through difficulties but they were depending in GOD as their lawyer. not ralph kasambala.

  3. anathawa ku malawi kupita ku sa m’mesa amafuna zomwezo kuti azinamiza anthu kumeneko pomwe ife kuno timamuziwa kale masenga ake

  4. Guys.. Plis stop posting ma video a Bush li.. Anzanu 3 days ago tinakomoka ndi kuseka….. Kuchipatala anatipeza ndi high Bushiri Pressure (BP)… Moti panopa a doctor andiletsa kuonera mafilm a Bush li… Eti sizoona…. Nde guys stay healthy… Pewani mafilm a Bush li…

  5. Ay sindngachte zosiya mpingo wanga kukalowa Mpingo Wa Bushiri kakayamba kumlambira nd mlungu zoona m2mik wamlungu anthu azchta kumulambra aaaaa ine ay simulungu bushiri

  6. Bushiri never captured picture from the spirits as he claims but was stored inside the iPad garaly the video shows clear that he used his thimble to bring out the picture to the screen and only to look like he captured the baby through the spirits any of those that follow bushiri will think like it real but just watch the clip you will see the truth

  7. only thoz who rilly trust in God cannot question vis,,milacles r happening 4rm God thru this prophet so that God himself cud gain hiz Glory,,,you can question 1+1 but you cnt question 2 bcoz 2 z ve answer,,,,u can question ve prophecy but yu cnt question ve result bcoz ve result z ve tru answer,,,,,so yu ppo who r judging vis man of God let God perfom hz wonders thru you since yo not fake,,,watsoka iye anyoza nd kuweluza aneneri amulungu

  8. stand for what you believe in because the same place you say you will find the salvation, its the same place the darkest secrets are. watch and pray because he looks like a lamb in the white clothes but he is purely a wolf……

  9. Malaw 24 bwanji umamulondalonda Bushiri, ndipo amakutuma ndani? Ndikudabwa nazotu, vuto mulinayo amalawi ndikuyipitsa mbiri ya munthu, ngati mumadziwa kuti Prophet Otis Bushiri ndiwa fake mumamulondoleranji, kapena anabwerapo kukugogoderani tiyeni tiyeni ku church kwanga kapena? Mesa mumapitako nokha, tatiuzeni zinthu zanzeru osati zimenezi zoti mwangotumidwa uko kumuyipitsa mbiri munthu wamulungu, mukungovutika ndi mtima nzanu zake zikuyenda inu jealousy basi za ziiiiii, mwatopa kutiuza za cashgate pa malawi pano mwati muyipitse anthu amulungu zikuvutani ndithu, pangani zanu nanu kuti zikuyendereni m’mene enawonso zikuwayendera

  10. Hello people can someone explain what this is all about could you please send a video of whatever prophecy it was that we may as well rightfully comment. Zambia

  11. leave men of God to God lest you will sin and be punished by God. God knows and understands his people and his servants not the way you do so refrain from critisizing or rebuke of these people or you will be accountable, let him alone do the judgement he knows who is wrong

  12. The only True Reliogion is #ISLAM& iproud 2 4llow prophet #muhammed as alast Prophet and the Holly Quaran” not FALSE prophet like #BUSHRI Aman like me not ROMAN CATHOLIC{ 666} where #bible change now &then with #PAPA,kodi inu Mawu/ Lemba La Mulungu limasintha ngati Chipani ??

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    4. I dont see the reason yomayambana nawo asilamu but we should ask Gods grace to fall upon them so that they should have access of knowing the truth and that truth shall set them free.

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    6. hate pig becoz ur sheik said so.we hate islam becoz it preaches retaliation and we love christianity coz it preaches 4gvnes.simple.

    7. then you are contradicting urself james or wateva u call urself…’re_read wat u wrote pamwambapo ndizomwe wlemba panozi….if bushiri is a fake prophet..akapsa pamodzi ndi asilamu plus ochimwa ena…palibe zoti ine sindipemphera nde bola..ur just as good as ipadgate scandal doers

    8. #tadala nt Scandal Doers as usay’this is the tym 2know the trueth,igt SURPRISED with upiple ukneeling 2Fake prophet like #BUSHIRI URemember last tym #PASTOR SaLANJE,who come on air himslf,icnt remain silent unless the Trueth will sent you Free!NOTICE..Anthu omvala Kolona’omvomereza kuti Munapachika #YESU patanda,Opembeda Mafano’U CNT AGREE WITH ME BCZ IM TALKNG THE REALLITY”Honest piple never caus e trouble”if Utalk Nonsense i’ll B,with You !

  13. Long time ago we were just heard that there will b FALSE PROPHETS to this last days. I This is the pridicted time whereby many prophets have rise to wealth themselves and decieve people. My fellow Malawians, lets stand firmly to the churches we belong to.

  14. No matter what you say or write, I am not moved. Even Jesus was denied so its not new. Papa we love you and the great work your doing.

  15. Vuto lomalambira munthu m’malo molambira Mulungu ndilimenero.Bushiri Simulungu ndimunthu ngati inu nomwe ndiye chomasiyira mipingo yanu nkumatsatira munthu vuto lanu ndichiyani???????I PROUD TO BE A ROMAN CATHOLIC kaya zako osiya mpingo wako kutsatira Bushiriwe

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    3. Prophets come……Prophets go…BUT THE ALMIGHT GOD AND ONLY SON JESSUS WIL LIVE FOREVER………There was tym 4 pastors then Apostles kenaka maprophets kkkkkk.

  16. Looking at a video myself the guy felt indeed everything on it is fake I have used iPhone myself it makes me to feel guilty as a Malawian because the guy is from my native country shame on us next time do it professionally please let those cameras stay out of your tricks people of these generation are more clever and more knowledgeable in because they are born with it

  17. Hell hell hell is wait coz u are playing with God,and God himself he did that to open our eyes u are fake.i was planing to vist ur church but now i loose hope coz devil’s working but God have mercy,and forgive u.

  18. 3months now magetsi akungothima, why are not talking about that u fool jonalisms Is He asking u money? leave it for God. Thats why we are not developing in malawi umbuli wakula ((warning: every activity of holyspirit let it 4 GOD)

  19. Sindikuona Vuto Apa, Moti Enanu Mwafooka Muuzimu Kamba Koti Munthu Wa Mulungu-yu Wanama Pa iPad? Anthu AMulungu Akusakidwa Ndithu Moti Any Small Mistake Satana Akupezepo Mwayi Opangira De-compaign The God’s Kingdom

  20. God can use anything,if He wnt to review something,make sure before you judge, You pray had & God himself He told you that this prophet is nt from me.JESUS IS COMING SOON

  21. Why respond to accusation man of God ,defending yourself to accusations it may imply that something is wrong .However you and God know the truth .Responding to such accusation will only sparkle the debate to go on .People may conclude that prophecy was stage managed .Next time take an ipad from the back row not the front row because people may think it was your own ipad .With due respect Man of God stop responding any accusations against you .

  22. What if this man is really man of God? Dont u think it will mean u r fighting a servant of God? R u a pegan? Because u know how to write then u think u can write anything? Why cant u write how pathetic ur country’s economy is?

    God punish u!

  23. hey,people of today using ipad for prophecy not the holy book moses used his stick,but to day we are living in digital world indeed


  25. No akunama inali yake ndithu,Anyone who need the Vedeo kuti aziwonere yekha halla me on +27840595565 I will send u the video.He is Fake this Bushiri.

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