SRWB asked to delay water disconnection amidst cholera outbreak


Mayor of Zomba City Davie Maunde has appealed to the Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) to delay water disconnection for customers with outstanding bills, saying water disconnection would only worsen cholera outbreak in the city.

Maunde made the appeal during full council meeting which discussed cholera situation in the city.

He further called on the SRWB to carry out Back to Life campaign that should connect customers that were disconnected due to outstanding bills.

Maunde added that this would be one way of reducing cholera incidences in the city where most of disconnected residents desperately opt for unprotected water sources for domestic use.

“I remember Minister of Water and Sanitation once said the country’s water boards should not disconnect customers with outstanding bills in the current cholera situation,” the city mayor added .

He also asked the Ministry of Local Government in collaboration with Ministry of Water and Sanitation to look into the city’s sewer system which experiences series of blockages saying the system has operated too long.

“The sewer blockages pose cholera threat to the city residents,” the mayor said, arguing that the council does not have the finances to resolve the challenge.

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