Malawi Muslims demand apology from Roman Catholic Bishop


Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) has demanded an apology from Roman Catholic Bishop Montfort Sitima over remarks the bishop made yesterday during Independence Day.

The Muslims have threatened to hold demonstrations at Sitima’s office if he fails to apologize in five days.

Sitima during the ceremony alleged that some Sheikhs preach messages aimed at pulling down the government.

“We ask the Bishop to provide evidence and apologize to the Sheikhs and all moslems for making false and evils claims,” said Shaibu Ajassie.

He added that as a man of God, Sitima should have been promoting coexistence.

In his speech during the prayers, Sitima said Malawians need to pray for the leaders. He also questioned some sermons delivered in churches. Sitima said some pastors’ sermons are aimed at angering people instead of giving people hope.

He added: “Instead of telling people to be hopeful, you will find a Sheikh telling people to do everything possible so that the government falls.”

Sitima also faulted journalists for writing negative stories about the government.

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