Concerned Citizens Postpone National Shutdown Demonstrations

Concerned Citizens

The highly anticipated National Shutdown Demonstrations scheduled for next week, organized by Malawians under the banner of ‘Concerned Citizens’, have been postponed.

Speaking to the media in Blantyre on Friday, one of the organizers, Edwards Kambanje, accompanied by Oliver Nakoma, announced the decision. The postponement comes in light of the ongoing Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations, which commenced earlier this week.

Kambanje explained that the decision to postpone the demonstrations was made to prevent any potential disruption or harm to students and the education sector in the country.

“In the spirit of unity, the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC), ISAMA, parents, and numerous stakeholders nationwide have engaged with us to request the postponement of our planned demonstrations during this critical period of MSCE examinations,” Kambanje stated.

He emphasized their commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence, upholding the rule of law, and fostering dialogue. “We recognize that collective action and constructive engagement are crucial for building a harmonious and prosperous society.”

The group has informed its co-organizers that they are considering rescheduling the demonstrations, acknowledging the challenges of finding an ideal time, especially during exams, and respecting the right to education.

Furthermore, the Concerned Citizens have distanced themselves from any group acting under their name or disseminating information during this period.

Among their grievances, the group had planned demonstrations to protest against the high cost of living and economic challenges, characterizing Malawi as a country stuck in stagnation.


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