Tumaini festival preps underway, to celebrate ten years of existence

Tumaini Festival which is held at Dzaleka Refugees Camp in Dowa

The Organizers of this year’s Tumaini Festival say preparations are still underway for the cultural event which will take place at the Dzaleka Refugee camp in the Dowa district, as it will mark 10 years of its existence since it was launched in  2014.

Communications Assistant of the event, Kensomah Magombo, said this year’s festival will be held from October 31st to November 2nd.

Magombo added that having a festival like this helps the refugees to relieve their stress and traumas and it brings unity among people considering that at the camp, people came from their countries because of different problems.

“Currently, we haven’t yet publicized the call for artists, but we plan to include local artists from Malawi and Dzaleka as well as international artists. We don’t have any specific names, just those we’ve worked with previously, as this year’s preparations are still underway. Once everything is finalized, you will be the first one to know,” he explained.

Tumaini Festival is Tumaini Letu’s flagship program, a unique cultural event that uses entertainment and artistic expression to promote intercultural harmony, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence between refugees and their host communities.

The event represents a unique opportunity for refugees to share aspects of their lives with interested visitors, to exhibit and sell their crafts, and to feel the hope of connecting to a wider community.

Tumaini Festival has become a community celebration that residents of Dzaleka appreciate as their event.

Founded by Menes La Plume, the festival aims to promote peaceful coexistence between refugees and the host community, promoting mutual understanding and intercultural harmony through the use of entertainment, and artistic and cultural expression.


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