Namadingo accuses Tay Grin of exalting a white man in ‘Somone’ Track with Yo Maps 

Yo Maps - Tay Grin

“Aneba anga ndi azungu ndalama zanga ndizachizungu” – that line by Tay Grin in the ‘Somone’ track appears to have irked Patience Namadingo.

The self-acclaimed ‘Doctor’ discussed and revealed his reaction to that particular line during an episode of the Diamond TV program ‘On the Table’ in Zambia, hosted by Chimweka.

Patience Namadingo is a Malawian musician with millions of social media followers
Tay Grin exalted the white man – Namadingo.

While professing his fondness for the song, he voiced concerns about that line, which he believed conveyed a message of racial discrimination, seemingly exalting the white man at the expense of the black man.

Clad in a navy blue jacket, white shirt, wristwatch, and glasses as usual, and with a nthini on his head, Namadingo actively elaborated on diverse subjects, one being that Yo Maps had once ignored him.

When asked about his political aspirations, Namadingo dismissed the idea of running for a Member of Parliament position and instead revealed his intention to campaign for the presidency in the year 2030. 


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