ADD urges Malawians to elect selfless leaders

Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD)

Ahead of the 2025 elections, the Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD) has urged Malawians to elect leaders who prioritize the needs and interests of others over their own like their presidential candidate Cassim Chilumpha

ADD Treasure General, Iman Khan, made the remarks on Saturday in Liwonde at a ceremony ororganizedo welcome some People’s Party (PP) Eastern Region members who have defected to the party.

Khan described the Tonse-led alliance as a bunch of liars who have contributed to the worsening of the country’s social-economic predicament.

Assembly for Democracy and Development -(ADD)
Tonse-led alliance is a bunch of liars.

The Treasure General further encouraged Malawians to elect leaders based on their background, and he was quick to describe Chilumpha as a good fit, saying he is well an experienced politician who can uplift the livelihood of Malawians.

“Tonse Alliance government has deceived Malawi, and this will make many Malawians not to vote in next year’s general elections because they are disappointed. Therefore, Malawians, I think it’s time to choose office bearers based on their backgrounds and characters,” said Khan.

Muhammad Matola, former PP Eastern Region Provincial Chairperson, said he has joined ADD to help in uplifting the livelihoods of Malawians who are in an economic quagmire.


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