A call for HIV law awareness 


HIV law has remained unknown to many since its introduction in 2018. The National AIDS Commission (NAC) is raising the alarm that a large part of the population is unaware of the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Management Act.

At a recent meeting with Journalists in Mzuzu, NAC’s Francis Mabedi highlighted the urgent need to promote the law widely.

“Awareness is key in our battle against HIV and AIDS,” Mabedi emphasized.

Ellious Chasukwa one of the NAC’s officers addressed members of the Nyika Media Club, urging them to focus their reporting on the benefits of HIV testing and consistent treatment. The event also introduced the latest in prevention: injectable PrEP.

Journalists, represented by Alepha Kasongo from Nyika Media Club, echoed the sentiment, recognizing the importance of understanding the law to inform the public effectively.

The act, which came into effect on February 9, 2018, aims to strengthen the country’s fight against the HIV epidemic.

Meanwhile, there is an 88 percent decline in new HIV Infections since its highest peak in the country as recorded in 1993, translating to 15,630 new infections in 2022 which is another milestone.