Shocking! Katengeza’s Brother Confesses to Killing Her

Judas! In a shocking turn of events, the investigation into the Agnes Katengeza murder case has taken an unexpected twist as Katengeza’s brother Amos Katengeza, who was living with Agnes in the same house and was the first person to issue an alert when she went missing, has confessed to committing the brutal crime.

Lilongwe Police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu says police have arrested Amos on suspicion that he orchestrated and actively participated in the brutal murder of Agnes who was a network administrator at the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

In September this year, Katengeza was reported missing and days later she was found dumped in the boot of her official Reserve Bank vehicle, Sportage BY 4159, which parked behind Gateway Mall in Lilongwe.

The robbers went away with her valuables such as ENVY HP laptop, Iphone 13 min cellphone, Ipad, power bank and expand loaded with cosmetics which she was selling.

According to an internal Police report, months before Agnes’s murder, an iPhone 6 was stolen from her house.

Police last week traced the iPhone 6 to a phone technician in Blantyre. The technician admitted to receiving the iPhone 6 and implicated Amos Katengeza in the theft and wiping of passwords on multiple gadgets, including the iPhone 13, iPad, and laptop.

Amos Katengeza, born on 23rd April 1996, from Kachitsa Village, Traditional Authority Chiwere, District Dowa, was arrested by Superintendent George Oscar Mizere and the Lilongwe Police Station at Blantyre market.

“Upon searching his bag, he was found with iPad and power bank, all properties of the deceased robbed during murder incident. Suspect was adamant to disclose where he sold the laptop though the team managed to recover the ENVY HP laptop from a certain businessman within Blantyre market who pointed that he received the same from the suspect,” the report says.

Police through a well coordinated network of informants traced the iPhone to Maputo in Mozambique where it was sold using an agent based at Namwera in Mangochi. The phone was also sold by Amos at K500,000.

“Amos has voluntarily admitted to have taken an active part in the brutal murder of the deceased. The call log of his phone number clearly showed that he was at the site where the body of the deceased was dumped,” says the police report, adding that this was confirmed by CCTV footage.

According to Police, soon after the murder, Amos’ accomplices left all items in his custody as part of his rewards in addition to a promised monetary deal. He sent the items to his girlfriend in Blantyre through curriers services.

What makes this revelation even more shocking is the familial connection between the suspect and the victim. Amos Katengeza, the brother of the deceased, had been staying with Agnes before betraying her. His early announcement of Agnes’ disappearance on 23rd December 2023, around 14:00 hours, added a layer of complexity to the case.

As investigations progress to apprehend any accomplices, the motive behind this gruesome act remains a central focus. Stay tuned for further updates on this deeply unsettling development in the Katengeza murder case.