People in Malawi urged to start using gas for cooking

Public Relations Officer for 256 Energy Phillip White (L)

People in Malawi have been asked to stop using charcoal for cooking and start using gas as one way of reducing deforestation in the country.

Public Relations Officer for 256 Energy Phillip White said this  when they unveiled their latest gas accessories. The accessories are  256 Energy branded 2 plate gas cooker and 256 Energy branded bullnose regulator and Gauge.

 Speaking at the presser, White said it is high time people in the country stopped using charcoal and firewood because using charcoal and firewood leads to deforestation due to cutting down of trees.

“Government has been preaching to say that let us stop using charcoal, let us stop using firewood as one way of stopping the cutting down of trees. So we are targeting all Malawians as long as you cook wherever you are, we are just telling you to stop using charcoal without an affordable alternative because if you buy electricity it is expensive. This is why we are bringing in the cheapest alternative way of cooking in order for us to save the environment,” said White.

White said the use of gas is in line with Vision 2063 which envisions a country where people do not use charcoal and firewood for cooking.

“We are not saying just use gas for  now, we know gas is expensive AND we need to make sure everyone has to be able to afford,” he said.

White further said that as 265 Energy they are doing everything possible to sensitize people on how they can safely use gas cookers.

In Malawi, Liquefied Petroleum Gas is sold at K2,450.00/Kg while 6 kilogram gas cylinders are sold at more than K60,000.