Malawi, Mozambique Police agree to intensify security


Machinga Police and Mozambique’s Mandimba Police have agreed to intensify security along the two districts to check cross border crime.

Machinga Police Officer ln Charge, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Jane Mandala and a Senior Police Officer at Mandimba Police, Shef Alonso Amando met at Mkwakwata boarder post where the two police officers discussed issues of joint border security.

“We also met to strengthen working relations in the area of security such that we agreed to be handing to each other cross border crime suspects, ” Mandala added.

She commended Mandimba Police for agreeing to meet Machinga Police to discuss cross border security.

“Police has the mandate to provide safety and security to citizens and this is why Machinga and Mandimba Police agreed to provide security to people along the border of the two districts,” Machinga Police Officer ln Charge added.

In his remarks, Shef Alonso Amando said was impressed with the meeting such that it was his wish to have such meetings taking place frequently to strengthen ties between the two border districts.

He expressed hope that Machinga and Mandimba Police working relations will improve border security for the benefit of citizens living along the border.

Chairperson of Community Policing Forum at Traditional Authority Sale in Machinga, Shafi Asamu commended Machinga and Mandimba Police for agreeing to strengthen border security.

He also thanked Machinga Police for supporting Nsale Community Policing Forum to provide community level security at Traditional Authority Nsale along the Machinga-Mandimba border.