Forensic Experts: Letter Purportedly from German Prosecutor May Be Fake


Malawi24 can exclusively reveal that the government has not recovered money from its dubious and fraudulent fertilizer deal.

The authenticity of the letter purportedly issued by someone who government says is German prosecutor known as Florian Weinzier has been questioned by forensic experts.

The letter, which contains an error in the first paragraph, appears to have been hastily written, resembling the work of a kindergarten pupil or a student in reception level or standard 1, according to the forensic expert interviewed by Malawi24.

The letter being circulated contains several grammatical errors, which is surprising for someone who claims to be a legal expert and prosecutor adhering to German standards.

“here a quick update and let me apologize for making it short, as I am not in office at the moment: I am very happy to inform you, that just a few minutes ago the transfer of the amount of 516.975,21 EUR to the account of the Smallholder Farmers Fertilizer Revolving Fund of Malawi was initiated. Of course it might take a few days until the amount will appear on the account.” reads the letter in verbatim.

The expert also cautioned that the letter, if proved to be fake could point to Malawi government’s continued scheme to embezzle taxpayers’ money,’ after failing to do so through the purchase of fertilizer from a dubious butchery company.

The German Embassy in Malawi is yet to comment regarding the authenticity of the letter or the alleged prosecutor being an alleged employee of the federal government of Germany.

Thabo Chakaka, known for shifting goal posts and offering amnesty to people facing fraud and corruption charges has promised to provide “proof” of the repayment.