Mob loot property of lodge owner accused of robbery


People in Mulanje have stolen property worth millions after accusing the owner Edson Nachuma of being involved in robberies at Limbuli and Muloza trading centers.

The riots follow an incident on Sunday night where unknown robbers killed one businessman only identified as George Moninji.

People in the district alleged that Nachuma was involved in the robberies and they attacked his lodge in the district where they destroyed property.

The mob also attacked his home and stole assorted property including two vehicles, plasma screens, beddings, office and house furniture and other valuable items.

Police reportedly withdrew from the premises, leaving angry residents to loot as they pleased.

Innocent Mosese, Police publicist for Mulanje, has said this evening that police have launched a manhunt for the suspects involved in the mob attack.

The actual cost of the damage is yet to be assessed.

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