Of Substandard Buildings In Malawi


Building a World Bank financed hostel at 75 million Malawi Kwacha that puts students’ lives at risk is a disheartening development. The story on the front page of the local Sunday Times is both annoying and embarrassing.

Many Malawians who are not in positions of influence often speak sensibly on various important issues. However, what is disappointing in this country is the tendency of people in authority to ignore the voices of concern.

One such example is the story that appeared on the front page of The Sunday Times on June 4, 2023. From the beginning, the communities expressed their reservations about the quality of the construction work on the controversial substandard hostel, which now poses a serious threat to the innocent learners.

Some individuals have no knowledge of construction, yet they are employed in construction work. They are no different from potential murderers, becoming killers in the making. How can a hostel be in ruins just six months after its construction? Seriously, we joke too much in this nation and put our lives at risk.

Firstly, the use of substandard materials can have various consequences. The study concludes that the use of such materials in building construction could result in structural failure, high maintenance costs, frequent building defects, and accelerated deterioration of building elements and components.

Secondly, poor construction planning is a significant problem in the construction industry that can lead to a range of issues, including delays, cost overruns, and safety hazards. Delays and disruptions are among the most significant problems that can arise from inadequate construction planning.

Lastly, we need to establish checks and balances in all our construction projects. There is a need for quality control at every level of infrastructure construction to ensure the safety of our schools for children, teachers, support staff, and anyone else who may visit the premises.