Atupele to vie for UDF presidency


Atupele Muluzi has come out of his cocoon and accepted the calls for him to lead United Democratic Front (UDF) again ahead of the 2025 elections.

In May last year, Muluzi resigned as the United Democratic Front (UDF) president and appointed Lilian Patel as acting president until a party convention is held.

However, there have been growing calls for Muluzi to return to active politics and contest at the UDF convention this year so that he should lead the party in the 2025 presidential elections.

Last week, a group of Southern Region UDF supporters led by their committee who marched from Kamuzu Stadium to Muluzi’s Nyambadwe residence in Blantyre gave their immediate past president seven day ultimatum to respond to their calls.

Speaking at UDF 30th anniversary mega rally on Sunday at Nyambadwe ground in Blantyre, Muluzi bowed down to the supporters’ request to lead the party again.

Muluzi said his resignation as UDF president was to create a level playing field to the party president hopefuls as a sign of being democratic.

“I stepped aside as UDF president in order to create a level playing field that those who may want to participate and compete for the party presidency, should do so freely.

“UDF needs to be a stronger party, we need more competition. I have to listen to the people. I am here to serve the people and I will fight for the people. I am here to make sure that UDF comes into government in 2025,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi has also underscored the importance of growing the economy where people should have money, resilient homes, have jobs and are also food secured.

At the rally, Muluzi bemoaned corruption practices in the country saying the behavior has undermined development progress.

He said neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania are doing well on development because the malpractice was dealt with.

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