Chinese national, two Malawians arrested over videos


A Chinese national and two Malawians have been arrested in Lilongwe on allegations that they have been taking videos of various people in Malawi without consent and sending the videos to China.

Lilongwe Police Station publicist, Hastings Chigalu, has identified the suspects as Cheng Ling Hua, 50, as well as Blessings Makhaza and Medson Phiri, both 24.

According to Chigalu, the two Malawians on Friday were taking videos of people without their consent at Kaphiri in Lilongwe.

Angry residents confronted the two and they claimed that were taking videos for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Lilongwe Police detectives rushed to the scene and took into custody Makhaza and Phiri for interrogation.

The suspects revealed that Cheng Ling Hua was the one behind the scheme.

Police learnt that the Chinese national sends the men on such errands to shoot videos, which are later processed before being sent to China.

Police detectives raided Cheng Ling Hua’s house in Area 3, on Friday, where five computers and multiple cellphones that are believed to have been used in committing cyber crimes were seized.

Chigalu said the seized electrical gadgets will undergo a proper analysis to establish what they were being used for.

The incident comes months after a Chinese national identified as Lu Ke also known as Susu was arrested after a BBC Africa Eye investigation exposed his illegal conduct of making racist videos involving Malawian children.

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