Man arrested for raping 13-year-old boy in Zomba


Police in Zomba are keeping in custody a 21-year-old man, Andrea Nkula, for allegedly raping a 13 year old boy.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Zomba Police Station Sergeant Aaron Chilala has confirmed the arrest of Andrea Nkula.

Sergeant Chilala told Malawi24 that the act occurred between February and March 2023, as the child together with friends were staying in an apartment belonging to the suspect.

He further said that during one night, the suspect invited the victim to his main house as his wife was out attending a funeral vigil within the village.

It is alleged that the suspect sodomised the child and threatened him not to reveal the ordeal saying he would face dire consequences.

Since then, the child has allegedly been experiencing difficulties in defecating until May 5, 2023, when he revealed to his parents about the ordeal.

The matter was reported to Kachulu Police Unit, and the child was referred to Likangala Health Centre for medical examination and treatment. The examination results revealed that the victim had a sexually transmitted infection.

Meanwhile, Nkulu has been arrested and is expected to appear before court soon to answer a charge of sodomy.

Nkula hails from Njala village, Traditional Authority Mkagula in Zomba district.

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