Car burglar arrested after stealing K1.4 million


Police in Lilongwe have arrested 26-year-old Missi Selemani for stealing K1.4 million from a car at Area 3 National Bank of Malawi carpark.

Police Publicist for Lilongwe Police Station, Hastings Chigalu, said Selemani, who is also known as ‘Gobozo’ among his peers, was arrested on Wednesday while trying to sneak out of a Mazda Bongo Minibus after he had stolen a hustle bag that contained K1,483, 900.

Chigalu said the owner parked the vehicle near National Bank and went into the bank.

The suspect saw a bag through the window of the vehicle and judged that it was containing cash.

The suspect quickly opened the driver’s door using his keys. However, as he was about to sneak out of the vehicle, police officers who were within the vicinity arrested the suspect.

He will appear in court soon to face a charge of Theft from a Motor Vehicle. Police say the suspect was also previously jailed for a similar crime.

Missi Selemani hails from Lewu Village, Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza District.

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