Rain causes nationwide blackout in Malawi


Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) says heavy flow of water at power stations led to a system shutdown on Sunday afternoon.

Malawi experienced a nationwide power blackout that started at around 2:30pm today.

According to ESCOM, heavy flow of water and trash following heavy rains affected the hydro power plants at Nkula and Tedzani Power Stations which are in the Southern Region.

“Prior to the shutdown, heavy rains had also affected some of our transmission and distribution lines, resulting in an increase in the number of faults on the supply system,” the electricity supplier said in a statement this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) which supplies electricity to ESCOM has said that two machines at Nkula are now back online.

The company has added that efforts are underway to restore power.

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