Chizuma’s saga jeorpadizing Chakwera: Donors mistrusting government


Analysts have said it will be hard for Malawi’s donor partners to trust Lazarus Chakwera and his administration for waging war against the head of Anti-Corruption Bureau Martha Chizuma instead of fighting corruption.

Speaking inside Capital Radio’s Sunday Round table program, political analyst Victor Chipofya said the government’s indecisiveness on the matter has cost it donors’ trust which will be hard to reclaim.

He added that this may leave the country in an awkward economic position, considering that the country highly depends on donations.

Legal expert Sylvester Ayuba James also said Chakwera cannot be trusted because of the way he has handled the Chizuma issue.

The President has come under heavy criticism for denying his involvement in the Chizuma saga. Following the government’s decision to discontinue the ACB boss’s case, the President through his mouthpiece Anthony Kasunda distanced Chakwera from the decision.

This has raised many questions as most people do not believe that decisions of that nature cannot be made without the President’s knowledge.

Capital Hill has arrived at the decision to discontinue the matter, following pressure from the public, pressure groups, and the donor community at large.

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