Malawi Police burn 93 bags of Chamba


Police at Chileka in Blantyre have burnt 2,478 kilograms of Indian Hemp (Chamba) amid calls from some quarters for Malawi to legalise the drug.

The 93 bags were confiscated from offenders in October last year.

Chileka Police Station Officer James Mbale said police were ordered by a court to destroy the drugs within seven days following conclusion of cases involving people found with the drugs.

Possessing, cultivalting or trafficking Chamba is illegal in Malawi and is punishable by custodial sentences although most offfenders are only ordered to pay fines.

However, there are those who believe that Malawi, which already legalised industrial cannabis, could benefit by legalising Indian Hemp.

Speaking to the local media, Nyabingi National Council Deputy President, Christopher Burukutu called on government to legalise Chamba and release all people who are in custody over Chamba.

On social media, some Malawians have also argued that the drug should be legalised

A social media user said: “Can we sue the police who continue to burn hemp? This is money. Who told the police they can burn it?”

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