Man jailed 21 years for raping daughter


A man aged 50 has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for raping his eight-year-old biological daughter.

The man identified as Dokiyo Evesiyo raped the child in July, 2022

Ntcheu Senior Resident Magistrate Joshua Nkhono handed the sentence to Evesiyo on Friday.

Ntcheu Police spokesperson, Rabecca Ndiwate, said on the day of the rape, the man’s wife left home for piece works leaving the children in the company of the father.

On return, she found the husband busy raping their daughter.

The woman reported the sexual abuse to Kambilonjo Police Unit.

Medical results showed that the child was sexually abused.

However in court, Evesiyo pleaded not guilty to the defilement charge.

The state paraded witnesses who proved his crime beyond reasonable doubt.

State prosecutor Agnes Msoma prayed for a stiffer punishment in order to deter other would be offenders. Ntcheu Senior Resident Magistrate Joshua Nkhono concured with the state and handed the convict a 21-year-jail term.

Evasiyo hails from Chiseme Village Traditional Authority Mpando in Ntcheu.

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