Malawians urged to start using gas cookers


Mayor for Lilongwe city Council Richard Banda has asked people in the country to stop using charcoal and start using affordable gas cooker as one way of preventing deforestation in the country.

The Mayor made the remarks in Lilongwe when a company called 265 Energy was unveiling its product, a 3kg Gas cooker which comes with a cylinder, cooker ring and 3ks gas.

Speaking at the event, Banda said it is high time people in the city and also in the country stopped using charcoal because using charcoal leads to deforestation due to cutting down of trees.

“This initiative by 265 Energy is so crucial because in Malawi we have a challenge of deforestation every year. So with the initiative from 256 Energy it will assist in reducing the deforestation in the country. I did encourage them to go in rural areas with the initiative because it is where a lot people cut down trees for firewood and charcoal. So, to avoid those people cutting down trees for charcoal they need to start using the gas cooker,” said Banda.

He furthed urged Malawians to rethink their use of traditional sources of fuel such as firewood or charcoal and to try to use LGP Gas, which is cleaner, more efficient and affordable.

“I would further urge more private sector to work with government provide affordable quality solutions for the Malawi population,” explained Banda.

In his remarks, CEO and Founder of 265 Energy Fundo Mbvundula said the 3kg Gas cooker will make it easier for the average Malawian to switch from environmentally destructive charcoal to environmentally friendly gas.

According to Mbvundula, the use of gas was previously difficult due to the entry prices of gas cooker, but is now possible as each 3kg Gas cooker unit will be sold at MW35,00.

“What we want to address is to get Malawians to start cooking in a Morden way all our neighbors in Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe are all using gas.

“We are the only ones still left using charcoal and as we said it has health risks to the family, to the children and also to the forest.

“We no longer want people to cut down trees, we want people to start using gas and the number one thing is we want them to use if in a safe way,” explained Mbvundula.

Mbvundula assured Malawians that the gas cooker is very safe and they have a team which will be teaching people on how they can use the gas.

The product is a Malawian owned product that 265 ordered through a cleaner cooking grant from UKAID and USAID and with th assistance of Standard Bank’s China Trade agreement.

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