Chakwera’s longer-sleeve shirt ridiculed


President Lazarus Chakwera has been ridiculed after his jacket’s sleeves failed to cover the sleeves of his shirt.

Chakwera in Kenya yesterday

Chakwera wore a long sleeve shirt that protruded out of his jacket at the inauguration of Kenya’s President Samuel Ruto yesterday.

He also spotted a similar look during yesterday a meeting with a delegation from South Korea led by Mr. Byoung-Gug Choung, Seoul’s Special Envoy to Africa where they discussed various areas of mutual cooperation between the two nations.

Social commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele has since described it as a wardrobe malfunction which needs to be rectified before the president takes to the podium at the United Nations General Assembly next week.

“Whoever is dressing my President, that’s not how we wear Shirt and Jacket. Either the Shirt’s Sleeves are too long or Jacket’s Sleeves are too short.

“I have enclosed standard guide, kwa inu osadziwa zinthu (for the benefit of those who do not know).

“Tiyeni Tikonze zimenezi (this should be rectified) before we take to the podium at UN

“Ndikanalankhula zambiri koma Court (I would have said a lot but I fear the court),” posted Mbele who is facing defamation charges over a Facebook made earlier this year.

Many commenters on Mbele’s post agreed with his take.

“Obviously, the shirt sleeve is too long as the cuff is beyond the wrist. Koma ndiyekha, you cannot blame anyone,” one person said.

Others, however, backed the president.

“The shirt band is above the sleeve of a Jacket while some shirts don’t have that jacket. , Nowadays slim jacket sleeves look like the way the president has dressed. While the old jacket sleeve covers the whole shirt or almost cover the whole shirt. Its not about arguing but rather show the difference between two types of jackets and of course sharing of knowledge,” one person said.

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