Rumphi DC sounds SOS as Cholera rages on in the district


District Commissioner (DC) for Rumphi, Emmanuel Bulukutu, has appealed for partner’s support to help in containing the spread of Cholera in the district where  146 cases have been registered.

In an interview on Friday, Bulukutu said while partners such as UNICEF have assisted the district with tents and other supplies, there is still a huge gap in medical supplies and health workers to fight the outbreak.

“Currently, we do not have adequate beds to accommodate the increasing number of patients. We have in short supply of intravenous and oral fluids,” said Bulukutu.

The district has intensified community awareness of the pandemic urging households to use chlorine treated water and enhance hygiene and sanitation practices.

Bulukutu has since requested Northern Region Water Board to provide potable water in the affected areas especially those along the Rukuru River which is mostly used as a source of water for domestic use.

Earlier, Spokesperson for Rumphi District Health Office, Bwanaloli Mwamulima said the facility is running short of health workers as the current number is not enough to effectively attend to the increasing number of the patients.

Reported by Manasse Nyirenda

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