UNDP commends govt for ending conflict in Mchinji


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident Representative Shigeki Komatsubara has commended Malawi Government through the Ministry of National Unity for ensuring that there is peace and harmony at Lusa Estate in Mchinji District.

For years, communities at Lusa have been engaged in conflict over land and leadership but following the intervention of the Ministry of National Unity, the communities are now at peace.

Speaking during an agreement signing ceremony between communities of Lusa Estate, Komatsubara said that he was happy that collaborative efforts towards restoring peace and harmony are bearing fruits since the  mediation session that took place from 27th to 28th April, 2022.

“This ceremony of signing a peace agreement between communities of Lusa Estate gives testimony to shared values of peace and co-existence which is a foundation for meaningful development   and conquering the challenges faced in communities. As the saying goes; No man is an Island. Our shared problems can only be resolved through dialogue and shared interest to better ourselves. We all depend on each other for our existence.

“I would like to congratulate each and every community member of Lusa estate and T/A Kapondo that you made a big step toward peaceful coexistence. Malawi is known as a peace-loving country, which is famously called “the warm heart of Africa.

“I think the people in Lusa estate, and the surrounding communities should be proud of themselves, as you demonstrated the importance of acceptance and peaceful co-existence in Malawi,” he explained.

On his part, Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo said that what disturbed peace among people in the at Lusa Estate was an issue that could have been amicably resolved without the destruction of property or injuries of people.


He added that it is sad that the conflict got out of hand thereby distracting people from doing things that could help in developing not only their households and communities, but the nation at large.

Mtambo urged the community members to ensure that they  preach peace and promote a culture of accepting their differences just like trees easily mingle and make a beautiful scenery.

“We should all be able to listen to, recognize, respect and appreciate others who are different from us or hold different views from our views, and not build walls against each other nor close dialogue spaces. We should take into cognizance that if danger exists in an area, it is a danger shared by all; and equally, if hope and peace exist in the mind of one nation, that hope and peace should be shared by all,” he said

He told the gathering that they should always encourage one another to desist from various forms of disagreements that breed vices or hatred emanating from differences in tribes, religious beliefs, political affiliations and demographic characteristics including gender.