Namadingo, Onesimus hug: African Butter holds on tight to Nge


After a long spate of sneak jabs on social media, Malawi’s urban music giants Patience Namadingo and Onesimus had a memorable date as they hugged, wined and danced while holding tight to each other.

The musicians who were alleged to be rivals, enjoyed the moment  after sharing the stage at Kizz Daniel concert which was staged at Lilongwe Golf Club.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows Namadingo and Onesimus enjoying a drink, in the company of the former’s manager Tonderai Banda.

This, has not gone well with some people. They argue that they enjoyed every bit of the musicians’ rivalry.

“Me as a concerned praise team member of African Banda would like to announce that ndamutuluka apanga party bwanji ndi nyamata waku Zambia (Am no longer his fan, how can he party with a Zambian?)” Said Thandie Mponela

“Tell them we have learned to mind our business. We have been fooled big time,” said Zondwayo Jere.

Another section believes the Mapulani star and the Solomon hit maker only made peace because they were drunk.

“This is power of alcohol; imbibers can attest to this. Let’s wait till they regain sobriety otherwise the rivalry rages on,” said Paul Kamaya

It is believed there was bad blood between Zambia-based artist and African Butter as Onesimus is fondly known. However, the concerned musicians have never showed any sign of the bad blood.

Perhaps, the rivalry is between their respective followers. Either side believes its preferred artist is better than the other.


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