Malawi electricity problems: Anglican Church demands action

Bishop of the Anglican Church Diocese of Upper Shire, Brighton Vita Malasa, has asked government to take action in order to do away with the electricity problems rocking the country.

Malasa told Malawi24 that Malawi’s power problems are worsening the financial challenges the country is currently facing.

He said there are a lot of people depending on small scale businesses for their living but the businesses are getting affected due to power issues.

“People depend on small businesses like welding shops, saloon and barber shops are suffering now. Other companies will not produce which will means they will not have things to sell either in the country or outside thereby reducing staff and also the country will not have forex,” said Malasa

Bishop Malasa has therefore asked duty bearers to hear the loud cry by the citizens on electricity. He has also asked government to look into the economic challenges that the country is in as the cost of living keeps on going up.

“Life is hard now, the cost of living is rising each day and electricity is on and off, Malawians have nowhere to run to,” said Malasa.

Blackouts in Malawi currently last 8 hours per day and the government last week said the power challenges will ease in December this year.


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